Some men succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because they are determined to, and for those determined ones there is

Many of us have a dream of Joining Defence force may it be Army, Navy or Air Force and to join any one of these forces you have to pass scientifically designed tests at Service Selection Boards (SSB). Testing at Boards is for 5 days and is divided into three tests called Psychology, GTO and Personal Interview (PI). We have provided you with a complete insight into every test which takes place at SSB. We have an actual practice set for various Psychological tests like TAT, WAT and SRT which you must practice rather than just watching them. One thing I want to say loud and clear that you must change yourself if you want to get Recommended in SSB otherwise No Website (at least not this website), No Book or any Coaching Institute can help you to pass in SSB. With the following lines said by an Officer at Service Selection Board, you can judge what they are looking for in you.

Gentlemen, in forces we are not looking for any extraordinary men. We are looking for ordinary men who will do extraordinary things when the time comes.
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