GTO outdoor tasks are in form of various games. As every game has some rules, same is the case with Group Testing Officer’s (GTO) tasks. These rules are to be followed by the entire group otherwise there will be a penalty. In case any of the rules are broken then candidates are required to move back to the previous structure and restart from there again (you have to move to the previous structure from the structure of which you broke the rule you don’t have to move to start line again).

Group Rule

This rule states that till the entire group (6-10 candidates), the helping materials and the load cross the finish line of one obstacle the group can’t move to the next obstacle.

Distance Rule

This rule says that any distance of 4 feet or more may be horizontal, vertically or diagonally can’t be jumped across. The candidates have to either bridge the distance or reduce the distance to less than 4 feet and then cross it.

Colour Rule

There will be various colours painted on the structures, each colour has it’s own significance and some rules which are to be followed by the candidates. Carefully read the following rules regarding colours at Service Selection Boards.

  1. White Colour – Structure painted white are inbound for the candidates, the helping materials and the load. This means that not only the candidates but also the helping material and the load can be kept on the structure painted with white colour.
  2. Red Colour – Structure painted red are out of bound for the candidates the helping material and the load. Simply you don’t have to touch red coloured structures. You nor can stand on the structure painted red neither you can keep load or the helping materials on the red coloured structures.
  3. Blue/Yellow/Green Colour – Structure painted with any one of these colours are inbound for the candidates but out of bound for the helping material and the load. This means the candidates can stand on these colours but they can’t keep the helping material or load on them. But a candidate can hold the load or helping materials in their hands while standing on structure painted with any one of these colours.
  4. Black Colour – Structures painted black are found at the bottom of the structures and does not have any significance of its own whatever colour is painted immediately above the black colour black assumes the same colour. Let’s say if a long rod black at bottom and white at the top, then black assumes itself as white.

Rule of Infinity

This rule says that the area to the sides of the obstacles is out of bound for the candidates, the helping material and the load.

Rules for Helping Materials

  1. Two helping materials can’t be tied together. That means you can’t tie a plank and a Balli together, however you can places rope between two solid helping materials and use it.
  2. One helping material can be placed on top of another helping material. E.g. You can place a plank over the balli.
  3. Helping material can be placed or tied to any structure which is white in colour.
  4. Rope can be tied to any structure that is white in colour.
  5. Two Ropes can be tied together and can be used. Also, ropes can be made into a bundle and can be used.

Rules for Load

The load is a delegate material hence it should be carefully handled. Load can’t be used as helping material, it acts as a binding force within the group.

Note – If any rule is broken by you then GTO will say “Any Rule Broken” and he will not tell you which rule is broken. If you broke any rule don’t wait for GTO to point it out, move back to the previous structure and again start the task from that structure.

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