Self Description Test

Self Description test which is also known as Self Appraisal or Self Story Writing, is the last test in Psychologist test series at Service Selection Boards. It may be the last test but as important as the first one, this test affirms the finding of Psychologist about a particular candidate which he makes by the previous tests like TAT, WAT, and SRT.

This test gives an idea to the Psychologist regarding how deep the candidate has knowledge about him, whether he knows his Qualities and Shortcomings or not.

No. of Paragraphs5
Time15 Minutes

In this test the candidate is required to write 5 paragraphs on What his Parents, Teacher/Employer, Classmates/Friends, Candidates own opinion about himself and what qualities he would like to develop for the future.

Most importantly they do not want you to write/describe your autobiography, so do not start describing you birth place, school or some unrelated stuff. You must write some positive and negative qualities in each paragraph as those pointed out by your Parents, Teaches, Friends or you yourself noticed. You must start preparing on it well in advance before going to SSB because at there your brain will serve you the points which your hands will not be willing to write i.e. those points which you think will not be in your favour for selection.

Following are the points on which you have to describe the details.

Parents/Guardians Opinion

Write what your parents thinks about you. If you don’t have both parents alive then you can mention Guardians opinion.

Teachers/Employers Opinion

Mention your Teachers opinion if you are a student and employers if you are working in a profession.

Classmates/Colleges/Friends Opinion

Write your friends opinion or classmates or colleagues opinion in this paragraph.

Your own Opinion

Here write your own opinion about yourself.

Qualities you would like to develop for future

Here you are required mention your future goals and ambitions and any other qualities which you wants to gain in your future.

Note – Do not write materials from books, write you own self description as every individual have his own strong and weak points.

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