Half Group Task

Half Group Task (HGT) is another important test in GTO series, in which your complete group will be divided into two halves, the reason behind this division is that as there will be few dominating candidates in your group, who will not allow other to perform due to their nature. So, HGT gives others a chance to showcase their potential with less no. of candidates. Sometimes the two half might not have equal candidates if you have odd no. of candidates in your group.

Time – 15 Minutes (Generally)

GTO’s Briefing

Till now you have been working as a large group but as so many of you are working together some of you might have felt that you have not been able to show your best. HGT gives you an opportunity of showing your best, as the name suggest the group will be divided into two half groups, these groups will be made to do the task in such a way that while one group is doing the task the other group is not allowed to watch the task, as generally both the groups are given the same task. In this task, all GTO Rules apply, however, the group rule is a bit modified as your group will be a smaller one. Time for each subgroup will be 15 Minutes (generally GTO gives this much time but task completes well before). Read the complete GTO’s Briefing for Half Group Task

Difference between PGT and HGT

The main difference between PGT and HGT is that in PGT your complete group will perform together (8-10 candidates), while in HGT your group will be divided into two subgroups (4-5 candidates). And another difference is that HGT is not as long as PGT. In PGT you have to cross the finish line 4 times while in HGT you have to do that for once only.

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