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GTO’s Briefing for Lecturette

Lecturette is an important task conducted in the GTO series, it is aimed to judge the candidates Self-confidence and Power of Expression i.e. the ability to put across one’s idea with ease and clarity. The Lecturette is a task where the candidates feel a lot of pressure because here the …

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How to perform well in Lecturette

Lecturette is one of the nine tasks of the GTO series and the task is important because here you got an opportunity to score well as here each candidate has to individually perform and no one can disturb or interrupt you. Procedure Each one from the group has to individually …

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Lecturette is a small talk which judges your capability to express yourself in front of the group. In this task GTO has a set of Lecturette cards with him, each card has four topics written on it. Each one of you has to pick up a card and move to …

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