Best Tips for Time Management

Time is Money is the old boring adage which you might have expected to read while thing about the time management. But just for a moment think about what we get between our birth and death? the thing we get is time. In today’s fast-moving world time management has become a necessity otherwise you would find yourself left behind. You might have seen a lot of successful people, apart from several other reasons for their success the most important thing is that they have managed their time well. One can also say that successful people manage their time very well. 

These days we have a number of things that are made to save our time but if those things are not used properly then they will prove to be counterproductive.  If one day from our life has passed then we have lost one day of our life which will never come back. Although time management is a very vast subject, today let’s try to discuss the most important points which you need to keep in mind to effectively managing your time.

Know your goals

First of all, you must define your goals. You must set goals that you want to achieve tomorrow and start planning for that tonight itself.

If you don’t prepare then you will not know how you are going to spend your time tomorrow. It is also important to have your goals categorised in different baskets such as short, medium and long term. The short term will include what you would like to achieve tomorrow or this week, medium-term will included the things you want to achieve in next month or in next six months and long term will include things that you want to achieve in two years to five years.  Not just only define your goals but also define the steps that you will take to achieve those goals and have timeline set for all the steps.

If you don’t have your goals set it will be very likely that you will get distracted in life and will not be achieve everything that you are capable of. While the moment you define your goals you will realize how important is every second in your life.


If you want to effectively use your time then you must prioritise things in your life. If something is important and urgent then you need to do it right now, but if it is important but not urgent then you can do that thing whenever you get time.

There will be a number of things in your life that will be urgent but not important, for example, you got a call from someone then which is not important then you can delay the conversation to a different time and there will be a lot of things in your life that will be neither urgent nor important, in those cases you have to avoid wasting your time in those tasks. For example, if you are watching TV and not gaining any information then this task is neither urgent and nor important so you need to avoid this task if you want to be a successful person.

Just say No

If you want to save your time then you have to say No to a number of things in your life because you will encounter many things that will simply waste your time. So learn to say No to the things that are simply wastage of time.

Plan ahead

Try to plan things in advance because that will help you to prioritize your tasks and do them effectively withing the set time-limits. While planning always keep a second plan, for example, if a student plans that he would revise complete syllabus in one month but what if he gets sick after three days, so always have a backup plan in case of any emergency.

Eliminate distractions

You need to avoid things that are distracting you because these things will take a significant amount of time out of your life and also in order to effectively utilize your time you must avoid those things. However, this doesn’t include the things that are important such as playing etc as these things will relax your mind.

Delegate to someone

If you think someone else also can do the task then delegate that task to him/her because this will help you to save time and you can devote this time to the task in which you are better. We all know that we have 24 hours in a day but we can have unlimited hours in a day be delegating tasks to others, don’t you think Bill Gates can himself do coding but he has delegated this task to other and he is doing other productive tasks which others are not likely to as good as he can do.

Your Prime Time

Out of 24 hours, there is a time slot in which one is at the peak of his productivity and creativity. So try to find your prime time and make full use of it.

Take care of yourself

If you want to be productive and wants to achieve your goals then you need to be healthy, do give importance to your health, eat healthy food and do regular exercise.

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