Picture Perception and Discussion Test

Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) is the second test in Screening series, This test comprises to two parts, first is Perception and second is Discussion.

For the purpose of perception, you will show a Hazy (very blurred) Picture for 30 Seconds. This picture is intentionally made very Hazy (someone will find 4 people and some will find only 1 person in the picture) in order to check your perception skills. Within this 30 Seconds, you must find how many characters are there in the picture what is their age, sex, and mood. After that, you will be given 1 Minute time to mark the character in a square box (see PPDT Sheet) and within this 1 minute you have to also write what action is taking place in the picture, the action is nothing but the summary of your story in one line.

As soon as your 1 minute completes you will be given 4 Minutes time to write the story and thereafter the sheet will be collected from you.

You can use English or Hindi but no third language should be used to write the story, you must express your feeling and thoughts and quickly write what’s coming to your mind without thinking much about the beauty of expression. You are required to write your story on the following points.

  1. What has led up to the situation?
  2. What the characters are feeling and thinking.
  3. What is happening at the moment.
  4. What is the final outcome of the story?

So, within 5 Minutes and 30 Seconds your Picture Perception test will be completed.

Below is sample Picture Perception Test which you can practice but before that, you must take Printout of PPDT Sheet by Clicking Here and take all your writing materials with you in full readiness for the test.

Sample Picture Perception Test

Test 1Test 2 Test 3

For the purpose of discussion, all candidates will be divided into groups. Each group will be having 15-25 candidates depending on the strength of candidates reported. Each one of you will be required to Individually Narrate your own story. You will be given instruction for narration regarding whether you have to tell no. of character their mood and sex or you have to straightaway narrate your story. So, listen to the instructions carefully. As soon as you enter the discussion room you will be given your PPDT sheets back to have a look at your story which you wrote earlier and thereafter you have to submit that in the end. In discussion, first of all, each one in your group will have to individually narrate his own story, the Language to be used for narration must be English but if you gets stuck somewhere you can use Hindi but switch back to English As Soon As Possible and within 40-60 Seconds you have to complete your story, as soon as the last candidate finish his story the Discussion Starts.

Seating Arrangement for Discussion

C1 – Chest No.1, IO – Interviewing Officer, GTO – Group Testing Officer, Psyc – Psychologist

So peacefully we have said that the discussion starts but friends if you have never gone to Fish Market then after this discussion you will get to know what fish market is all about. Everyone out there will be trying to convince someone but to whom is not known as everyone will be speaking. And you will be an exceptional case if you say that your discussion went on smoothly. If large no. of candidates are speaking at the same time then the assessors generally divide the whole group in two half which reduces the no. of fish sellers but the fish market goes on. The purpose of the discussion is to form a common group story and in the end, all of you have to decide one candidate who will narrate the group story. For discussion, the time is 20 Minutes but they kick the group much early as they have just two poor ears to listen and they don’t want to lose them. However, at the end, they show the courage to say that “Gentlemen it was a Nice discussion”.

Thereafter you can pray to God to get Screen In and wait for the Result.

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