Personal Questions

Personal Questions are those question which is directly related to you, and to those question the best person to give the answer is you. These question may vary for a candidate to candidate but generally are in the same line so you must introspect yourself to answer these questions.

Once an Interviewing Officer asked a candidate if I come to your city then where you will take me around. The candidate said I will take you to disc. Then IO repeated this word three times disc!, disc!, disc! and then said is it disco. So, by this example, we would like to tell you that don’t try to show off in the Interview and especially do not use your SMS language in Interview.

We are providing you an outlook regarding types of questions which are generally asked by IO.

Personal Questions

  1. Meaning of Father’s/Mother’s/Siblings/Your Own Name.
  2. Details about your religion and cast if you are a strong follower of these things.
  3. Do you Have a Girl Friend if yes then ready for follow up questions and if No then why you don’t you have one?
  4. Your Liking and disliking of a particular matter.
  5. Your comparison with your Father/Mother/Brother/Sibling.
  6. Questions about your School Life.
  7. Subjects and Teacher you like and whom you don’t like that much and why?.
  8. Among you Father and Mother whom you like the most and why?.
  9. Do you smoke or drink?.

The list of question doesn’t end here but if you think before taking any action in your life then you can easily answer these questions. For example, a candidate was having Biology and Mathematics in 12th class but he did B.Tech. So, the IO asked you were having Biology in +2 then why you didn’t become a Doctor. So from the example, as the candidate decided to do B.Tech and this is his own choice so he can easily tell why he did that, no website, no book or coaching institute can give you the reason for all these kind of questions you have to yourself justify your answers.

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  1. sir …your page really helped me and everything is explained in a right manner…I got that direction,how to answer in interview .but sir I am facing a question. as I have got my ssb call for Tes entry so sir please will you tell me what sort of work we do after getting selected in the particular entry??expecting your reply soon

    • You will be given training and thereafter a cadre or branch will be allotted to you and the work that you are required to do will be taught to you in the training itself.

  2. do you smoke or drink?
    how should candidate answer this question if he smokes and drinks ?

  3. sir i’ve completed my 10th and i did a three years diploma course in electrical engineering.know can i complete my degree n join in ssb.

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