Necessary Items, Documents for SSB Interview

Here you can get to know about what all necessary items, documents you should take with you for SSB Interview. It is utmost important to keep all the necessary items for SSB Interview otherwise you have to face various problems.

We have created a Check List in PDF form for your convenience. You can download and take print out of the checklist to ensure that you take the necessary items with you but before jumping to download read the points given below.

Things to note

  1. We have made the list keeping in view a large number of candidates. Your personal requirements could be different, you should make adjustments according to your needs.
  2. You are not required to carry any bedding items as they will be provided by the SSB Center. However, for your conveyance, you can carry certain times as per your requirement for the train Journey.
  3. Read the instructions given in the call letter for the specific documents required.
  4. If you are on certain medication then you need to carry that too.
  5. Although mobile phones are not allowed on the Boards, however, relaxation is given to using your mobile in your living area/hostel.
  6. Those who wear spectacles must carry two pairs of spectacles or contact lens as per your own choice.
  7. We have included certain miscellaneous items in the list such as Pencil/Sharper/Rubber because once there was a certain change in the pattern of Screening at 1 AFSB. If you don’t carry that it’s fine because the board will provide you necessary items if there is any change from the ongoing process.
  8. You will be carrying your original documents so it is important to carry them carefully. If you like you can carry a small bag with you and keep the documents in it and carry it wherever you go (even toiled!) during the journey and secure your bag with lock and a key having your other items like clothes etc.

Enjoy your SSB Interview to the fullest. Take it as your last SSB Interview.

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