SSB Screening Overview

Screening Test is conducted on the first day of your reporting at the Service Selection Board (on the second day for those who reports in the afternoon at around 2.00 PM). The Screening Test is a nightmare even for Recommended candidates but no need to worry if you follow some basic rules you can get through it. The screening test in SSB is a test which is used to sort out the candidates that are suitable for the next phase of testing, it is an elimination test. Once you are Screened-In then you will stay for at least four more days at the Center. Before the screening test starts you will be given Chest Numbers which will be your identity thereafter and don’t make the mistake of calling your friends by their names, call their Chest Number, the Chest Numbers are given to you to make all of you feel equal.

Screening Test comprises of two tests, these tests are named as Officer Intelligence rating Test and Picture Perception and Discussion Test.

Important – On the first day you will find a lot of NETA type candidates, they will be having all knowledge about SSB Interview. This kind of candidates tends to influence you and bring your moral down, especially in case of Freshers, so you must avoid talking to such candidates, if you get screened in then you will notice that all of those candidates have disappeared.

Now let’s discuss the tests in detail.

Officer Intelligence Rating Test

This test is aimed to judge the Intelligence of a candidate. In this test you will be given Verbal and Non-Verbal test booklets which you have to solve in the given time, you have to solve as many numbers of the question as you can. The number of questions is generally 40 and time given to you to solve them is 17 Minutes, however, the number of questions can go up to 50 in some boards and you will be given some added time in that case. You must practice for this test before going to SSB Interview as the time given to you for solving the questions is very less.

There is No Negative Marking In Verbal and Non-Verbal tests so try to attempt all questions.

Get In-depth details of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Click Here.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test

In this test, your imagination and communication skills will be judged. You will be shown a hazy picture for 30 seconds and you have to write a story about that picture within 4 minutes and it will be followed by Individual Narration and Discussion within a group of 15 to 25 candidates Know More.

Note – Those who fail to qualify in the first stage are routed back on the same day, however, by no means getting screened out reflects your potential, even recommended candidates get screened out. So, friends don’t get disappointed by getting screened out, improve yourself and come back with a bang and get selected. Our Defence forces are waiting for you.

About SSB Interview

Get all the latest information about SSB Interviews. Know all details about Screening, GTO, Interview, Conference, Psychology and Medical.

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  1. Really great article sir. I got screened in with the help of your inputs.

  2. Sir,I’ve appeared in CDSE 2017 1 . After going through Answer keys of various institutes I am expecting a score somewhere between 120-130 securing minimum 25% in each subject.Sir, My preference order is 1.AFA 2.IMA 3.OTA . Now I’m very sure that I wont be able to clear the written exam for AFA as generally cutoff is around 135~145 . So I want to know the prospects of clearing the written exam for IMA and OTA. Sir; Should I expect an SSB interview call for IMA or OTA as my marks are well above the cutoff for IMA and OTA?


  3. i am expecting my ssb call letter because i am qualified for INA(only for INA in 2016-2 written exam)
    As you know that reasults are out on 31st of january.within how many days i will get my ssb call letter and through which channel.this is my first attempt and i am unaware about the further process.pls help me in this regard

  4. Sir we are going for SSB (BANGALORE), SO plz suggest me, that how to clear the pp&dt, also i belongs to up board background, so create a crucial problem in this test, so plz sir sir tell how to clear this, right a good story,, for screening in

    • First remove from your mind that up board. All educational boards are same. If you have any problem in English then start reading English newspapers and speak in English in your daily life. For Screening in you can go through the Screening section of our website and must read how to perform well in individual narration article that you will find in PPDT section.

  5. Sir, in pp, picture becomes very hazy, and how to define a suitable story, and after individual narration, becomes gd, if fish market create then what will we do, and sir plz tell me, good performance in lecturette of gto, plz sir

  6. Hell sir i have applied for tes 38 course and my pcm aggregate is 85.6 is there any chance for me to get the call letter for ssb as tes cutoff is usually high.

  7. Sir can we take self attested copies of certificates with us or is it necessary to get it attested by a gazetted officer.. I have my afsb on 31 july.. N m not getting any gazetted officer for this. Plz reply

  8. hello sir, this very first time i filled a form of ssb JAG and now my reporting date is showing on offical website is 29-04-2018 to 03-05-2018 but yet i don’t get my call letter and i am also in trouble that in which railway station of banglore i have to report….and at what time.. and i have to report before 29 of on the same day… beacuse in last previous notification it was mentioned that the reporting day is 28th of april when document will be verified but now they are telling 29th….. sir i am so confused plz help me to come out of this.

  9. Sir , I scored 410 in NDA exam out of 900 . Is there any chance to get call letter for AFA. And also tell me about that when PABT test is taken for AFA ( before or after )

  10. Hello Sir,

    I applied for the TGC-128 entry for CS/IT and was shortlisted, I have chosen my SSB at the first date for 02 august at BHOPAL, currently i am working with an IT giant but have made my mind to join the force.
    I’ve made myself aware of the procedure at SSB through your channel and a book, keeping myself aware of the current happenings plus a little fitness routine, but I am a bit afraid of how I should prepare further, want some tips and suggestions from you, if you can help by providing some material for the OIR test.
    (I have no defence background and not much internal knowledge about the functioning of Indian Army but have a passion towards Uniform.)

    Words from you would be highly appreciable.

  11. sir I had applied for 10+2 tes40 and I got allahabad centre , please give some tips to screen in recommendation and some example for PPDT ,OIR , WAT,TAT,SRT,SD,……etc sir

    I AM CHANDNI KAPOOR This is for the first time i applied for SSW(T) -26 course. Due to lockdown i am unable to collect my degree fro my college. I have scan copy of my degree & all documents. is it okk to go for interview with self attested copies of original documents

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