Why do you want to Join Army?

One of the most asked questions in Personal Interview Why Do you want to Join Army/Navy/Air Force?

This is a question that is must be asked because the answer given by the candidate lets the Interviewer know what are the reasons that are motivating him/her towards defence forces. Generally, candidates try to find the answer to this question on various Websites/Blogs. However, the answer to this question lies deep inside you and this article will help you to find out the answer from you.

Many candidates answer that they want to join the Army because they want to serve their nation. Of course true, but can this reason alone be sufficient enough as almost each and every professional is serving his country. If you want to serve your motherland then you can also join IAS, IPS, Income Tax Department or any other department, what’s the difference in the Army that you want to join it?. One thing if you can note that many other professions help you in serving your motherland in an indirect way and Army lets you serve your motherland in a direct way. So, in better words you can say that by joining Army You will be able to serve your nation directly, however, this statement alone will not be sufficient.

So, Let’s discuss various aspects of defense jobs.


Unlike many other jobs, the Army offers you a number of challenges and adventures during your career. These challenges could be in the form of working in the freezing cold of Siachen Glacier or Burning heat of Rajasthan. Particularly Army offers you a wide range of adventure sports like River Rafting and Horse Riding. So the challenging aspect could be one of the factors that might be driving you towards defense.

Games and Sports

Army/Navy/Air Force offers you various indoor and outdoor games that you can play during your service. Games and Sports are given a lot of emphasis and you may get a chance to represent your unit or maybe if you are good enough to make it up to the services team then you will be free to do so.

Gaining New Experience

In defense you will be posted to a new location after every three to five years, you will meet new people and will get to see new places this will help you in learning new things. India is a country where the language changes even after few kilometers so a different location will give you a rich experience.

Salary/Perks/Canteen/Medical facility

Army offers a five digit salary even to young officers apart from the salary you will be entitled to avail Canteen and Medical facilities.

Salary is an important aspect of any Job. However, this is not the only thing to watch out for, but it will be good to acknowledge this in your answer but not in starting.


You will have the option to go for higher education, the Army takes care of that. Your children will get to study in good schools. The medical facility can be availed by your entire family.

Childhood Dream

Many candidates have a childhood dream of donning uniform; if you are one of those then you can mention that as well. However, if joining defense is someone’s childhood dream, then he/she must have some knowledge about Rank, Units, Regiments and Weapons detail.

Social Respect

As we all know Army men receive a special respect social respect which they rightly deserve and it’s only possible to get such social respect by joining the Army.

Post Retirement Benefits

There are a number of post-retirement facilities in defense jobs. These include medical and Canteen facility. If you take early retirement, then there is ex-servicemen recruitment cell that will assist you to get another job.


Many candidates say they want to get power, I would suggest replacing your word power with responsibility. As an officer you will have to shoulder a lot of responsibilities, many individuals find responsibilities as a burden while others enjoy handling them. You will be responsible for safeguarding our nation, are you ready?

It is important to note that the above-mentioned points are just a few from a wide range of things offered by defense jobs. It’s not a job, it’s a Career.

Keeping all these points in mind you can formulate your answer to the question why do you want to join the Army?

Let’s discuss some other important aspects regarding this question that you need to take care.

It is your decision to Join Army so the answer to this question must be yours not borrowed from anyone. Do you know what Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey, PVC said when he was asked why do you want to join the Army? He said, “I want to win the Param Vir Chakra.” It was his clear-cut goal in life and he ultimately achieved it. Now before moving ahead, I want to warn a few copycats who decided that they will also say what Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey has said if you do so then be ready to face some follow up question such as how PVC looks like, who was first one to be awarded. Friends these are simple questions for the one who really want to achieve PVC. Don’t you think if someone is really serious to win PVC and he doesn’t know how it looks or who was first to be awarded that, he must have searched the net to see how it looks and various details if he doesn’t know that then you can evaluate his/her seriousness? There is no limit to the follow-up questions, but they are a cakewalk for the one who is speaking the truth.

Candidates use words like Job Security just because they heard that somewhere. You tell me is there any guarantee of life in the Army, you are talking about Job Security where there is no life security. Don’t copy anything just because it sounds nice, give it a thought.

There is no restriction on your creativity use your brain to formulate your answer. The above-mentioned points are just guidelines these are not Lakshman Rekha that you can’t cross or you have to adhere strictly to them. You see we have nowhere mentioned that you can answer that I want to Win PVC, but still a guy with his own creativity got selected and achieved his aim. “You too can also achieve your aim.”

Your comments/views/opinions about the article are invited to the box below.

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  2. Few of my family members have served the nation which was one of the reason for my interests towards defence services. How can i specify this in interview?

    • You can mention that My Father/Uncle was also a part of Indian Army and i am very much inspired by him. But if you say so then make sure some follow up questions about you relative like his branch and what work he does. Because if you are motivated by someone then he must have had a discussion with you then only you will get motivated and as a curious person you must have also asked his rank and work.

  3. I want to join the special force.
    I need that maroon beret.
    How can i express this in interview.


    in army we get many qualities of characteristics like as unity , discipline and in which we face various challenges and adventure in our life and also learn new language with different environment and gain new expriences with social respect and become a responsible person .

  5. Being a defence pers what should be the best answer to this question……

  6. My sole reason to Join Army is i ll be physically fit and will be exposed to different adventures daily. I wasn’t into sports and more of a academic person. But i want to learn and play and be a part of different sports activities. And also i ll get to travel a lot and experience different cultures. How do i modify it?

  7. Sir, i love defence forces uniform i love discipline of army during my 3 years of ncc i observed what respect a army personal gets and how proud he feel in uniform,so i also want to feel tha same and it gives me best salary to financially support my family, and in army i can explore the most adventures places and serve my nation with pride.
    Sir how can i explain my answer in personal interview.

  8. i want to become an army officer because i will get good and branded products to drink

    • then you must join army because they are provide luxury facilities i.e NCP cars, heavay salary pakage etc taken from people taxes.

  9. I want to live a life full of unknowns, with a path that no one has taken yet, I want to be the man who explores those paths that lie ahead of me waiting for me to be explored, I wish to join army solely for the purpose of living life full of adventures, will that be enough?

  10. Assalaualikm sir
    I am from Pakistan
    I like your idea about ssb .India have ssb but Pakistan have ISSB procedure is same . my Issb date my issb date in next week . if you help me then I recommended from Issb plz plz plz plz sir

  11. First of all i love Army uniform and i wanna join army bcoz i like adventure life and i want travel diffrents places like peaks desserts cities more over people respects army and they deserve it and i want to support my family by providing free education to got higher level education that i couldn’t becoz of financial problem Government will care about my family if martyred in Army and so many things
    Sir tell me how can i explain and express more in my personal interview I’ll be waiting for you Thank you

    • You can refer to the article above to frame your answer but make sure you truly believe in what you say.

  12. Sir, my whole family is engaged in farming and no arm service background , then what is the answer for why do u want to join Indian army ?

  13. What should be the appropriate answer if asked why I want to become an officer

  14. I want to join army because it’s a respectable profession it builds your personality strong and attractive through tough regimes ,sports and discipline. I have the potential to be successful and its really suited to my traits

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