Officers Training Academy

Address: Chennai, India
Address: Gaya, India
Full Name: Officers Training Academy (aka OTA)
Established: Jan 15, 1963 (Chennai)/Nov 14, 2011 (Gaya)
Motto Chennai: Serve with Honour
Motto Gaya: Shaurya, Gyan, Sankalp
Type: Military Academy
Area: 28.39 km2 (7,015 acres) (Chennai) and 3.2 km2 (800 acres) (Gaya)
Training Duration: 49 weeks


There are two Officers Training Academies one is at Chennai and another one which is recently raised is in Gaya.

OTA provides training to Men as well as Women to mold them into potential leaders. The training at the academy imparts leadership qualities, moral values, mental and physical toughness, a spirit of adventure and a will to win in the cadets. On completion of training, the cadets are commissioned in Indian Army with Short Service Commission and Permanent Commission (10+2 TES Entry).


The Academy transforms young men and women into dynamic and vibrant officers who can serve their nation at the time of War and Peace. The officers are trained for 49 weeks in which they learn to perform effectively while guarding national frontiers, assisting civil administration during natural calamities, quelling internal disturbances, countering low-intensity conflicts and participating in peacekeeping missions. OTA is well equipped with modern IT infrastructure.

Cadet Life

Both Men and Women cadets enjoy a very good life, their life has discipline at top priority. Both Chennai and Gaya academy is well equipped to provide a comfortable life to cadets.

Modes of Admission

SSC (Tech) Men – For Indian Army
SSC (Tech) Women – For Indian Army
CDSE – conducted twice in a year
10+2 TES – Technical entry scheme
JAG Men – Male Law graduate
JAG WOMEN – Female Law graduate
SSCW(NCC) Entry – NCC special entry for women

OTA Chennai Campus

Officers Training Academy Chennai is spread over an area of 750 acres, the academy is well equipped with modern art and infrastructure which helps to transform the Young men and women in dynamic warriors.

OTA Gaya Campus

Officers Training Academy Gaya was raised in July 2011 and it is the third pre-commission training academy of Indian Army. With 800 acres of campus in a hilly terrain of Paharpur, the academy is marching forward with a motto of Shaurya, Gyan, Sankalp.

Notable Alumni

Following are some of the notable alumni of OTA

Major Ramaswamy Parameshwaran, Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu, Second Lieutenant S.S. Samra, Kuldip Singh Chandpur, Major Jasram Singh, Capt J.S. Raina, Major K.G. Chatterjee, Second Lieutenant C.A. Pithawalla, Major Padmapani Acharya, Lieutenant Balwan Singh, Major Sonam Wang Chuk and Lieutenant Keishing Clifford Nongrum.

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