SSB Medicals Exam

Those who are Recommended by SSB Boards will appear before the medical board for their medical examination. Generally, Medical Board takes 4 to 5 days time to conduct complete Medical Exam of the candidates and thereafter Candidates are sent back to homes. Those who pass the medical exam then waits for Merit list and if their name appears in Merit List then they are given joining instructions to join the academy as per the course. Those who are applying for NDA are examined for both Army and Navy if they didn’t select Air Force as their preference and those who opted for Airforce are examined for various other additional medical standards which are particularly applicable for Flying branch.

What to do if you are not Medically Fit?

Friends, first of all, we would like to tell you that there is two type of Rejection by medical boards one is TR (Temporary Rejection) and another is PR (Permanent Rejection). For example, if you are overweight then you will be Temporary Rejected and if you reduced your weight in the given time then you will be considered fit and let’s say if you have Color Blindness then you will be Permanently Rejected as it is not curable. If you are medically unfit then you will be given the time of about 42 days to prove your medical fitness, for that you have to appeal to the Board. President of the board (Medical) will help you in Appealing for a Review Medical Exam. A Fee of Rs 40. will be charged for filing appeal, Thereafter you have to report to Medical Board within the stipulated period i.e., 42 days.

List of Appeal Medical Hospitals

1.Command Hospital, Southern Command, Pune 2.Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt 3.Command Hospital, Eastern Command, Kolkata 4.Command Hospital, Central Command, Lucknow 5.Command Hospital, Western Command, Chandimandir 6.Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore 7.Command Hospital, Northern Command, C/o 56 APO 8.INHS, Ashvini, Mumbai

The exam at Appeal Medical Board will be completed in one day.

Stay during Medical Exam

You are required to follow proper discipline during your stay in the Centre and always wear your medical Chest Number when you are in Campus.

What to do if you declared Unfit by Appeal Medical Board?

If you are declared unfit by Appeal medical board then you may challenge the proceedings and may be granted review of medical procedures based on the merit of the case. Review Medical Board (RMB) are conducted at R&R Hospital Delhi Cantt and AFMC, Pune.

Note – The Medical Exam will not take place at Dehradun, Varanasi and Mysore board at these boards you will be given a separate date for medicals at Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME), New Delhi or Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bengaluru. It is advised that you should go for a Pre-Medical checkup before proceeding to SSB/Medical Board.

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  1. i have ezema on my elbow will they reject me in ssb

    • Not likely. It depends on if it is going to spread or not. Your individual case will be checked by doctors during medical examination.

  2. I have tattoo at my back that is below my neck which hidden inside my Tshirt. It’s a sign of peace (Y). Will I be rejected?

  3. Sir, I have scapular winging. Is it a cause of medical rejection in SSB?

  4. It does not cause any difficulty in movement or in doing any extensive physical workout.

  5. Sir my knees are touching each other
    Am I eligible???

  6. But I don’t have any gap in ankles when I stand straight
    Is it the sin of knock knee??

  7. do yellow teeth follow rejection in medical exam??

  8. Sir my knees inside the legs very few

    • Not everything is a problem. Don’t worry about that focus on your SSB Interview. You do your job and let the doctors do their job once you get recommended.

  9. now as my preference m not applicable for flying branch in afsb but eligible for the other branch in afcat entry will i be opted like same other candidates or i will not?

  10. Akhand Pratap Singh

    Sir I am having hepatitis b in non reactive form will they reject me for this

  11. Sir I am going through hepatitis b and also had a Gynecomastia surgery so would it be a prob in SSB

  12. rosan kumar pradhan

    sir i have slightly high arch feet. Am i eligible??? Do they have any problem with high arches in forces???

  13. Saksham Saraswat

    Sir, I have a nasal bone issue. The bone inside my right nostril is increased. What should I do? Will they reject me? Or I should go for treatment?

    • sir i would to do CDS so i want to know that can i do pre-medical test before SSB beacuse, if there is any unfitness is there so let me know any other problem so i want to full medical test like in ssb they do

  14. Sir, I have Clubbed feet,i have cracked ssb i an waiting for medicals

    Will i get rejected??

    • Congratulations on getting recommended for Medicals. Don’t worry your specific case will be examined by medical board. Be positve and do share your story for benefit of all.

  15. how many ssb medical in kapurthala 2020 and kya kapurthala ke pass apna medical borad hai

  16. Sir, I’ve not started the preparation for the defense exam, I have doubts that whether I have knock knees or not. so are there any medical hospitals to check all medical standards?

    • Yes, go to any of the coaching centres and there they have a doctor who can tell you better about your condition.

  17. Sir is Skin Disease Psoriasis a Permanent Rejection in SSB medicals ?

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