Psychological Test

Psychological Tests conducted in SSB are aimed at the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. A highly qualified Psychologist will take your tests at SSB.

You will be brought under stress in Psychological tests by giving you very short time and then your potential will be judged by your answers which you have to write on the sheets provided to you.


You can take Psychology Tests in formal dress/casual but our suggestion is that you must wear a proper dress which gives you a gentlemen look, however, no one would point you for your dress except if it is completely unacceptable but by wearing a proper dress you yourself would feel positive which is utmost important in these tests.

Now, let us discuss the 4 Psychological tests, in brief, you can get details of each and every task by clicking on the name of that particular task.

1. Thematic Apperception Test

You will be shown 12 pictures and for each of the picture, you have to write a story in 4 Minutes Read More.

2. Word Association Test

By this test, psychologist judges your personality. In this test 60 words are shown to you one by one and each word is flashed for 15 seconds and within this time you have to write a meaningful sentence on your answer sheet Know More.

3. Situation Reaction Test

You have to answer 60 common daily life situation in 30 minutes Read More.

4. Self Description Test

In this test you have two write what you think about the opinion which your Parents, Teachers, Friends have regarding you Know More.

Note – The Psychology testing at Air Force Selection Boards i.e. at Dehradun, Varanasi, Mysore, and Gandhinagar is generally conducted on Day 1. That is on the same day on which you will have your screening tests, so be mentally prepared for the tests as generally after the Screening candidates tend to get tired.

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