Lecturette is a small talk which judges your capability to express yourself in front of the group. In this task GTO has a set of Lecturette cards with him, each card has four topics written on it. Each one of you has to pick up a card and move to some distance and prepare on any 1 topic among the four topics for three minutes and then come in front of the group and deliver the talk for 3 minutes.

Time – 3 Minutes

GTO’s Briefing

Before starting the Lecturette GTO will brief all the candidates of the Group. Read GTO’s Briefing for Lecturette.


The candidate wearing the first Chest No. (let’s say Chest No. 1) in your group will pick up a card move to some distance and start preparing, after 2.5 minutes GTO will give a single Bell (or any other signal) to tell the candidate that half a minute is still left and as soon as 3 minutes are over, GTO will give double bell and the Chest No.1 will move to the GTO give him the card, tell him the topic on which he is going to give a talk and then come in front of the group and start delivering the speech, at the same time the next chest no. Let say Chest No.2 will pick the topmost card and move a little distance away and start preparing.

After 2.5 Minutes GTO will give a single bell which will signal to Both Chest No.1 and 2 that half-minute is still left and as the 3 minutes are up chest no.1 will sit in his place and 2 will start giving talk and 3 will go to prepare and the process continues till the last candidates give his talk.

Ch.- Chest No. and an additional step are after step 2 you move back to GTO again to give him the card back and then move to the Dice to give the talk.


Chest No.1 will sit in his place and 2 will start giving a lecture and 3 will go to prepare and the process continues till the last candidates give his lecture

Sample Lecturette Card

On receiving the card you must choose the topic as quickly as possible as it will give you some extra time to prepare on the topic, after selecting the topic start preparing on it. You can start your Lecturette by saying “A Good Morning to GTO sir and my dear Friends the topic for my Lecturette is …”

Your voice must be audible to everyone in the group and to GTO and you must not sound boring, you must be confident and your talk must be interesting for listeners.

Lecturette Topics

Generally, topics for Lecturette of Service Selection Boards are simple in nature and a person who is a bit aware of all the latest happening in the world can easily pass this task. Following is the list of topics which Generally comes in SSB, you can also tell us about your topics so that we can add it to the list for the benefit of all.

1. Global Warming, 2. Cricket, 3. Sex Education, 4. The computer in Daily Life, 5. Internet, 6. Family Planning, 7. Women Empowerment, 8. Joint Family vs Nuclear Family, 9. India’s space research programs, 10. CPEC

Introduction Before Lecturette

GTO will ask you for a small introduction of yours in just a few points before he starts Lecturette, in that you have to tell the following points.

  1. Name
  2. Where are you From
  3. Hobbies
  4. Parents profession
  5. What you are currently doing (Studying/Job)?.

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