Fresher, Repeater or Screened-Out Confused!

Are you confused! Whether you are a Fresher or Repeater?. Then we will remove your confusion, generally, this problem is faced by those candidates who are screened out in their previous attempts i.e. those who are sent back to their home on the very first day. Below we are providing a detailed view regarding who is called fresher, repeater and screen out.


Those candidates who never went to any Service Selection Board (SSB) and attending the Interview for the very first time are called as Fresher.


Those candidates who have faced SSB Interview before in their life no matter after 12th or Graduation. Here one more important thing is that for a candidate to be called as repeater he/she must have passed the Screening test in his/her previous attempts for at least once and stayed at the Board till conference (Day 5). In simple words, if you have stayed at any selection board for 5 days for a particular entry then you will be called as a repeater in your next attempt.

Screen Out

The most confused, if you ever went for SSB Interview and you were unable to pass the screening test which takes place on day 1 (or on day 2 if you reports at around 2 P.M in the evening) then you will be called as a screen out candidate and generally a separate group is made for all such candidates for PPDT.

Friends at SSB these kinds of categorization is done so as to provide equal opportunity for all the appearing candidates. As you know repeaters are well aware of the procedure so they will feel quite comfortable and will suppress the Fresher. So candidates with similar experience will be given a common platform to showcase their qualities.

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  1. i am a fresh candidate but through online registration i selected repeater tag by mistake sso what i have to do now. can i cancel my registration from asrp or i am screwed. coz through online processs i cant register myself again coz i already did. Help please

    • Try registering again, if possible it’s great but if not then no need to worry. When you go for SSB Interview you can tell there that you are a Fresher.

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