Rapid Fire Questions

Rapid Fire Questions, by reading the heading of this page you might have thought (not repeaters) that IO will ask you questions as Karan Johar asks in his Show Koffee With Karan, but we would like to tell you that nothing will happen of that sort in Interview, however a similar test you already faced i.e. WAT.

Rapid Fire at Service Selection Board is different in a way that rather than asking questions quickly IO will ask you multiple questions in form of a single chain, which you have to remember and answer them in the same order as they were asked if possible or else try to answer as much as possible leaving the order aside.

The questions asked in Rapid Fire round at SSB are very simple, they are generally related to candidate’s life. For example, IO will ask you about your educational qualifications, which probably you can answer.

Rapid Fire No.1

In the first rapid-fire IO will ask you, tell me your education qualification from 10th class onward with percentage, subjects, year and any achievement. Subjects which you like and why, the subject which you didn’t like and why, teacher which you like and didn’t like with reasons, your hobbies.

Rapid Fire No.2

The second rapid fire will be about your family. It may be like tell me about all members in your family, their age, educational qualification, occupation. If you are faced with a problem then whom will you approach first Father of Mother.

We have just made you familiar with the type of questions in rapid fire the question can be asked in another form and many more question will be added by the IO.

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