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Current Affairs are those events which are nowadays taking place or which you see in Newspapers and in News Channels. At times at Service Selection Boards, the interviewing officer puts some current affair questions to you, to check how much interest you take in the current affair. If you ever meet an active person you will find that he will be having some basic idea about all the current ongoing events. So the same is expected from you, as a citizen of this country you should know what are the new bill being passed in Parliament, what’s happening in sports. But for all this, you must not worry as regularly reading a newspaper or watching a particular news channel can easily help you to answer but do this regularly not just 3 days before SSB.

IO don’t want you to be complete Newspaper or Encyclopedia but you must have some basic idea and logic behind few popular topics and that too mostly of your choice.

We have created a special section of Current Affairs on our website you must visit this section regularly to get latest updates of events happening around the world.

Sample Current Affair Questions

  1. Who is the current Defence/Finance/Telecom/Home Minister of India?
  2. Name all the women chief minister in India.
  3. Advantages and Disadvantages of FDI in Retail.
  4. These are three sample question but the list in this section in endless and can’t be summarized anywhere, only your efforts can do it.

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