How to perform well in Lecturette

Lecturette is one of the nine tasks of the GTO series and the task is important because here you got an opportunity to score well as here each candidate has to individually perform and no one can disturb or interrupt you.


Each one from the group has to individually speak for 3 minutes on a topic of his/her choice out of 4 topics given. This task is similar to an extempore, you will be given a card which will have 4 topics, out of the four you have to select any one topic and then for about 3 minutes you have to organize your thoughts on that topic and then speak for 3 minutes on that topic. If you want to know complete detail about the procedure of Lecturette then Click Here.

Let’s discuss important things that you have to keep in mind for Lecturette.

1. Topics on the card

Generally, candidates think that if they select a hard topic then they will fetch more marks, but how will you fetch more marks if you can’t speak properly on that topic. You can select any topic but select the topic in which you are comfortable and can speak for even hours. Don’t get into the merit of the topic. The topics on the lecturette cards are of common or specific nature like India’s space research programs, CPEC, Cricket, IPL, My Hobby, Weapons of Mass Destruction, A day without electricity, TV in daily life, My role model, My best Teacher, Global Warming and many similar topics. There is nothing to fear as these topics are common you can speak on them even for hours.

2. Do not waste time in selecting the topic

Once you get the card you have to make a quick decision about the topic on which you will speak. The benefit of quickly deciding the topic is that you will get more time to prepare for the topic.

Many candidates select one topic and prepare for a minute and then after a minute or so changes to other topic thinking that the other will fetch more marks. You should avoid this thing as you will get nervous due to lack of time left for preparing for the topic take a few seconds extra to decide the topic in beginning but never change it thereafter.

3. What after the topic is selected?

Once the topic is selected by you don’t start building a complete speech in your mind, just organize the important headings and subheadings about the topic in your mind and when you start speaking on the topic then you should elaborate on these headings and subheadings. Many candidates tend to start line by line speech and try to remember that and during speaking when they miss any word or line then they get nervous.

For example, if you select the topic Energy Crises then don’t start building up line by line article in your mind and trying to remember it. The better thing is you should divide this topic into various headings and subheadings such as 1. Need for Energy 2. Why energy is short 3. New resources that can be harvested 4. How a change in habits can help solve the energy crisis. Now when your turn comes you have to keep just these headings in mind and then start elaborate on these headings.

4. How to start speaking?

You can start by saying

“Good Morning GTO sir and my dear friend the topic for my lecturette is ____”

The purpose to mention these lines is that you are not required to make any fancy speech, just keep it simple and smart. Don’t just stick to the above lines you can improvise using your creativity.

5. Towards climax

After 2.5 minutes GTO will signal with a bell that you have 30 seconds more. At this point of time do not panic just ignore this warning and keep on where you were, however, trying to bring your speech to a conclusion and say thank you at the end.

6. What if you are unable to hold on your lecturette for complete 3 minutes?

Before reading ahead do you need to read this point? Can’t you speak for three minutes on the topic such as Cricket, IPL, T20, Education of Girl child? You can speak to them for hours and at SSB it’s just 3 minutes. Try to speak at least for 2.5 minutes and then say thank you, however, if you are blank there nothing to speak then you can say thank you as nothing else can be done.

7. What if you speak for more than 3 minutes?

First and foremost there are no extra marks for speaking beyond that limit. The limit is given to you with a purpose and that purpose is how you express your self in such a short duration. Give anyone an hour he will end up expressing what he wants to but a smart guy will express himself in less time. If your lecturette is incomplete bring it towards the completion you can take 5-10 seconds more than stipulated 3 minutes no more than that.

One more important thing is if GTO signals bell for completion of 3 minutes do not abruptly stop your speech and sit, bring it to a conclusion with one line and then sit.

8. Always address the group

Don’t look at GTO as he will be sitting right in your sight behind your group members. You have to convey your thoughts to your group members and not to trees, ground, obstacles or GTO. I hope you would have understood what I mean.

Another important thing here is that as you all are for quite some time in the group together you would have developed a rapport among yourself, so few faces might make you laugh or take away your attention from the topic, to overcome this and avoid getting nervous due to looking into eyes of other members you have to use a trick of looking at the forehead of the group members rather than the eyes. You have to practice this in your daily life then only you would be able to use this in SSB interview.

9. Qualities of a good speaker

A good speaker can convey his thoughts and feeling to his audience and you are expected to do the same, your voice must be audible, forceful and confident. Give stress on the words where required. Each member of your group must feel that you are talking to him personally.

How to practice lecturette at home?

To develop the skills of a good orator you can do one thing. You need to take a newspaper, read an article from it and speak for 5 minutes in front of a mirror or your friends on that topic. Do not mug up the lines of the article try to get the message the article is conveying and then try to convey the same message to your friends in your words. Later you can also record your voice and find out weakness in your pronunciation or lack of confidence in your voice.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article, We would like to know your thoughts or suggestion in the comment box below.

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  1. Nice narration dear friend but I would like to add small suggestion about the topic. I recently went for an SSB interview and the topic I got were not so general like Cricket,IPL etc.
    The topic I had was
    1)India’s space research programs

    So it will be better if candidates prepare for some specific topics too…

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