How To Answer Nonsensical Interview Questions

Today I’m going to help you handle those irrelevant random interview questions with ease. You’ve heard about those big companies like Apple, Facebook and Amazon asking those impossible questions like why are manhole covers round or how many cows are there in the USA, questions like these are designed intentionally to throw you off in order to see how you react under pressure.

Here’s the thing about these types of questions, it’s not all about the answer itself it’s also about how you answer it when you’re asked these impossible to solve questions, your answer isn’t as important as your body language tone and confidence level the interviewer just wants to see if you can handle curveballs with ease, now in your answer you want to show them your thought process for solving this problem, for example, if you’re asked a question that’s impossible to solve like how many leaves are on the trees outside?. Think about the first thing you do to solve this problem and how you do that the key is to avoid overthinking the question, remember it’s a little nonsensical if you try too hard to answer the question the way you think they want you to answer it you’re going to get flustered and that’s exactly what you want to avoid in this process. So acknowledge that it’s ridiculous question in your head and answer it as best as you can if you’re worried about answering these types of questions you should have practiced at home so you can work on your body language tone and confidence level ask a friend or colleague to do mock interviews with you and throw those nonsensical questions in every now and then so you can practice this will help you prepare in the event that you’re asked one of these strange questions during an interview.

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