How to perform well in Snake Race

Snake Race, also known as Group Obstacle Race (GOR) is an important part of the assessment of candidates quality in SSB Interview. Snake Race is generally conducted on the first day of GTO tasks i.e. Day 2 of your stay at the SSB Center. Here we will discuss subtle details regarding your conduct during Snake Race/GOR.

Let’s start with a brief introduction of this race, in this race, each group (about 10-15 candidates) will be competing against each other. There will be 4 paths, each group has to follow its own path. This race is called snake race because the load which is rolled up bags of sack appears as a snake. Treat this load as your Baby! and try to hold it for as long as possible, this doesn’t mean that if someone needs a help you don’t help him because you are holding it.

Each group has to choose its own war cry (Naara!) like Jo Bole So Nihal, Bharat Mata Ki Jai etc. So what you have to do is not to simply force the group to select the war cry that you have in your mind. Discuss among your group and select a war cry, make sure everyone agrees on it. What you can do is take initiative and help the group to select the war cry.

Rules about the Load/Snake

  1. You can’t keep the load on the ground once you picked it up from the start line, you can only keep it on the ground at the finish line. There will be some tough obstacles on which all the members of your group will forget about this snake, you should hold the snake at that time also.
  2. Snake must not be folded or shortened and it must follow the same path as followed by the group.
  3. You must keep the snake parallel to the ground while running.
  4. While running between two obstacles each member of the group has to hold on to the snake, however, while the group is at an obstacle than a minimum of 3 members of the group have to hold the snake.

As this is a GTO task the GTO Rules apply, if any rule is broken your group will be penalized in either of the two ways.

  1. Time Penalty Your group will be forced to stop doing anything and you will be made to count time while other groups can perform their task if they are not currently penalized.
  2. Repetition Penalty Some candidates may be asked to repeat a particular obstacle again.

What you have to do

If GTO asked your group to repeat any obstacle again then come forward to volunteer that task on behalf of your group. Don’t start blaming other for breaking the rule!

During the entire race take initiatives and organize your group. Motivate your group and keep shouting your war cry. Put every bit of energy that you have!

Hold on to the snake as much as possible but not at the cost of not helping other weaker members of the group.

Be in front of your group and ensure that each member of your group completes the obstacle then you complete it if the obstacle is a tough one.

Ignore any minor injury. Be brave men!

Watch Your Feet!

The obstacles in this race are made in such a way that you are likely to need the help of others to complete. You should make sure that while landing from a high structure you land on your both feet. In this race you will get small bruises, if you want you can apply some Wax-Jelly/Cream in advance on your knees and elbows otherwise if you don’t, it’s perfectly fine.

The Obstacles

Friends, the words such as Obstacle and Tasks sounds a bit heavy to our ears. However, the truth is different as far as SSB Interview is concerned. Don’t worry about any obstacle they are very easy. You can get a rough idea about the obstacle in our GTO>>Snake Race section.


In the end, GTO will ask you to keep the Snake/Load at the starting point, you should volunteer here also to place it in the said location. Remember we are very attentive if we know someone is testing us but when we get to know that our test is over we show our true character, so the best time to judge someone is when he knows you are not judging him.

Trust me Snake Race is easier than reading this article and in addition to that, you will enjoy it the most.


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