Equivalent Ranks of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force

Here you can get details about equivalent ranks of the three defence forces of India i.e. India Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. Each and every individual in a defence force is known by his/her rank. Rank is an integral part of every defence force of the world. India has primarily three defence forces apart from various paramilitary forces. Many times to test your passion for defence forces you will be asked about equivalent ranks of Indian Army, Indian Navy and Air Force.

Indian Army Indian Navy Indian Air Force
Field Marshal Admiral of the Fleet Marshal of the Air Force
General Admiral Air Chief Marshal
Lieutenant General Vice Admiral Air Marshal
Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice Marshal
Brigadier Commodore Air Commodore
Colonel Captain Group Captain
Lieutenant Colonel Commander Wing Commander
Major Lieutenant Commander Squadron Leader
Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant
Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Flying Officer

It is important to note that the Rank of Field Marshal, Admiral of the Fleet and Marshal of the Air Force is an honorary rank. Two persons were awarded the rank of Field Marshal (Sam Manekshaw and Cariappa) in Indian Army. While Marshal of the Indian Air Force (MIAF) was conferred to Shri Arjan Singh of Indian Air Force. No officer of the Indian Navy has yet been conferred with the Admiral of the Fleet Rank.

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