Picture Perception Test No.2

Picture Perception Test No.2. This is second sample picture perception test which you must practice on PPDT Sheet (If you don’t know the format of writing on a PPDT sheet then Click Here).

Close this page if you are not ready with your writing material and open this page again with full preparation.

If your Internet connection is slow then do not download or open any other website while doing this test.

Just after few seconds you will see a picture for 30 seconds and thereafter 1 minute time will be given to you for writing Action and Marking Characters and thereafter 4 Minutes time will be given to you for writing the story.

The test will start in few seconds time from now, So be ready and at the end of the test you will see Time Up message on seeing that you must stop writing.

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  1. Sumeet Nayak a guy who always admired the Army life and dreamnt of getting into Indian Army as he would get a chance to serve the county. So he tends to see films which has army content. This is also a scene of Film named Border where the heroes are in a state of war.

    Those films motivated him alot and he worked hard on his studies as well as on his fitness. He faced failure at initial stages but he never gave up. Finally his dedication paid off and he qualified the NDA exam with SSB also. He joined Indian Army and achieved his dream of serving his mother land. Please allow me to know whether this story is relevant to the Picture or not?

    • Good morning soum, your story is good and matches the picture. A story must have a past and picture shown should be a part of your story which you have covered very well. Good one.

  2. The Picture shows 3 Soldiers at a Higher Altitude During a Wartime.Major Singh & Two of his soldiers were posted at a Remote Location on India -Pak Border.
    One Day the Terrorist Suddenly Attacked the Border Village Major was Instructed to reach immediately on the venue Since he was in a Remote Location he Immediately Contacted his Base for more Force.He didn t wait for the Force to Arrive.He Discussed the Plan with his colleagues & they climbed up the Highest Location & kept a watch on the Position of the Terrorist .They Kept Defending the Terrorist soon the Back up Force Arrived & as a result Indian Army won the Kargil Post in 1999 Against Pakistan.

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