Snake Race

Snake Race or mostly known as Group Obstacle Race (GOR) is one of the interesting but painful tasks in SSB Interviews, it is interesting because you have to cheer a lot and you will enjoy as you will compete with other groups and painful because you would be one of the lucky persons who escaped uninjured from that race. Do not bother about the injury as generally, it will be some scratch on your knees or elbows however at times this task results in serious injury also, but your aim should be to perform well in the race rather than thinking about those injuries.

Your Group has to decide a War Cry (a slogan) which you have to continuously shout to cheer your group.

GTO’s Briefing

Till now you have been working within your group but in this task which is known as GOR, you will be having a competition with the other groups. This task consist of 6 obstacles, each obstacle is divided into 4 channels, you will be told which channel to follow throughout in this task. Your group have to also carry a load the load is in form of a rolled-up tent and since it looks like a snake the task is also known as snake race, The group rule, colour rule and rule of infinity are applicable to this task, however, the distance rule is modified in a sense that the candidates are permitted to Jump more than 4 feet.

Rules for Snake

  1. Once the snake or the Load is picked up at start line it can’t be kept down till the finish line is reached.
  2. The snake is not to be shortened or folded in any respect.
  3. While running the snake must be kept parallel to the ground.
  4. The snake will follow the same path as by the group members.
  5. While running from obstacle to obstacle (between the obstacle) all the candidate of the group must hold on to the
  6. While Doing an obstacle a minimum of 3 candidates have to hold on to the snake.

Snake Race Structures


Structures are not arranged in proper sequence and the first structure is quite simple and is not mentioned here.


In case if you broke any of the above-mentioned rules or any colour rule then two types of penalties will be given to the group.

  1. Time penalty– in time penalty GTO will make you count 10 or 5 seconds loudly and during that counting, no member of your group is allowed to move so your time will be wasted.
  2. Repetition penalty – Some of the candidates may be asked to repeat a particular obstacle on which your group or its members have not followed the rule.

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