Command Task

Command Task is another task in GTO series, as the name suggests you will be made commander. Each candidate from your group will, in turn, be made as a Commander.

Time15 Minutes (Generally)

GTO’s Briefing

Till now you have been working as a group where all of you had equal say as to how a task could be done but at times you might have felt differently as to how a task could be performed. Command task gives you an opportunity of doing a task your way, in this task, all GTO Rules apply other than the group rule as you will be at most only 3 candidates. Each commander will have his own choice of subordinates, but you can choose a maximum of two candidates from your group as your subordinates. Those chosen as subordinate must do as the commander tells you to do, after all, it is his task and he should be allowed to do the task in his way. Read the complete Briefing by GTO for Command Task.

Role as Commander

You must properly command your subordinates, you should behave as a commander but never do the mistake of thinking your subordinates as your servants. You must logically choose your subordinates and should command them to complete the task, if any of your subordinates says or does anything without your instruction then tell him not to do so, or if they are breaking any rule then ask them to go back to the previous point and start again from that point.

Role as Subordinate

As a subordinate you must not do or say anything unless your commander asks you to say or do anything, you must not take any action on your own as a subordinate.

Introduction Before CT

Nowadays before your Command task starts GTO will have a small friendly talk regarding your hobbies, your interests, and places which you visited in the city. GTO will make you feel that he is your friend from your childhood and you will also find it interesting so don’t bother about it, it will only boost your confidence.

Structures in Command Task

The structure in Command Task is similar to PGT, but the only difference is that in PGT you have to cross Finish line 4 times but here in CT you have to cross it only for once.

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