Final Group Task

Final Group Task (FGT) is the last task as the name suggests in the GTO series but as important as the first one. In this task, your complete group of 8-10 candidate will perform together. The structure will be similar to PGT.

Time15 Minutes (Generally)

GTO’s Briefing

For some time as of now, you have been performing individually or with few members of your group, now you will again meet with all members of your group and perform together. In FGT all GTO Rules apply. The time given to the group will be 15 Minutes (generally GTO gives this much time but task completes well before). Read the complete Briefing by GTO for Final Group Task.

Difference between PGT and FGT

As far as the difference between PGT and FGT is concerned, the only difference is that FGT is small as compared to PGT and hence less time is allocated to FGT.

Another difference which you will feel is that in FGT different energy is flowing among your group, now all members will be more cooperative and helping as compared to when you did PGT.

Post FGT

As soon as FGT finishes GTO will have a small talk with the group, in which he will say that they are looking for Right Person for Right Job, he will tell you to introspect yourself whether you are suitable for defence job or not, later he will give you a various example of persons who failed to realize their dream of joining defence forces but later achieved so much in life ex. Abdul Kalam, Amitabh Bachan, Rahul Dravid and so on. He will give you an opportunity to ask any doubt if you have regarding anything related to SSB or in general. He will also tell you that some of you might get recommend and some of you might not. But if you didn’t get recommend than don’t feel bad about it and it never means that you are second to those who are recommended. In short, he will put some ointment to you before the big day of results as most of the candidates require that after the result.

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