Group Planning Exercise

Group Planning Exercise (GPE) or sometimes called as Military Planning Exercise. This task has a model placed on the ground, it consists of certain problems which are given to you.

Initially, the Candidate is required to give his solution and then discuss within his group and come to a common group solution. So, unlike the Group Discussion where no conclusion was to be reached in this exercise the candidates have to reach a definite conclusion that is mutually agreed on upon group solution.

This exercise is conducted in 5 stages which are as follows.

Stage 1

In Stage 1 GTO explains only once various features of the model laying on the ground, he will tell you about the marks, direction, scale and other features of the model like roads (Metallic or nonmetallic road), dams, nalas, river, railway lines, police posts, jungle or any other features, doubts if any are to be cleared at the end of the stage.

Stage 2

In Stage 2 GTO reads a story connected with the model laying on the ground, the story has certain problems in it like a person who is injured or any unsocial element mixing poison in a water tank and so on. Doubts are to be cleared at the end of the stage.

Stage 3

In this stage, you will be given the story card (same from which GTO read the story in Stage 2) to read for 5 Minutes and thereafter the card is collected from you, doubts if any are to be cleared at the end.

Stage 4

After collecting the Story card from you, you will be provided with a sheet of paper and on that sheet of paper you have to write your solution in 10 Minutes and thereafter the sheet will be taken back from you.

Stage 5

In the Final Stage the candidates are required to discuss among them the solution for approx 15 Minutes, make a group plan and one of the candidates among the group (you have to decide among yourself who will give the group plan) will get up and give the group plan to the GTO with the help of a pointer.

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