Carrying Angle – Elbow

Elbow Joint is a synovial hinge joint which connects upper arm and forearm allowing movement of the hand towards and away from the body which is essential for our daily life activities. Excessive carrying angle of the elbow is scientifically known as Cubitus valgus.

In Defence forces firing target is one of the important requirement and due to improper carrying angle of the elbow there may be some difficulties in aiming the target by the individual suffering from abnormality. Individuals with improper carrying angle of elbow face problem of their hands colliding with their hips making difficult to carry a load.

If the angle between the forearm and hand is decreased then it is known as Gunstock Deformity.

Carrying Angle Limits

With your arms held out at sides and palms are facing forward then the angle between your hand and forearm must be within the following limits away from the body.

MaleNot More than 15 degree
FemaleNot More than 18 degree


Excessive Carrying Angle of Elbow may be caused due to developmental abnormalities, trauma or adaptive changes to repetitive stress. Mostly it is caused due to ineffectual alignment/ hypo mobility of the 3 bones (radius, humerus and ulna).


Excessive Carrying angle puts more stress on the elbow structures making it more susceptible to traction injuries. It also causes problem in walking and carrying load.


There are Physical Therapy and Yoga exercises to reduce the carrying angle and Surgery is another option but you must consult your individual case with Doctors at the SSB Medical Board before taking any further step.

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  1. how to check carrying angle??

  2. i get rejected in SSC (CPO) medical exam due to excessive carry angle. I have applied for remedical. what are the chances that it get cleared.

    • Chances are less but why to decide ourselves when doctors are there. We hope that you will be declared fit. Do tell us what happened.

  3. Today i got my carrying angle checked by surgeon of millitary hospital. He said it is more. What should i do? 😞

    • First of Smile and congrats that you cleared SSB Interview. You can appeal for re-medical. Try to find if any Yoga asanas works in reducing carrying Angle because surgery is the last option and it is not likely that a person who has undergone surgery will be declared fit. If possible try to take advice from the doctor.

  4. Sir,my carrying angle is 15 degree.In Air force medical exam I consider unfit on an account of cubitus valgus.i applied for remedical.since,15 degree is normal carrying angle,shoul I fit in remedical????please reply sir

    • Sorry Abhinav this only the Doctors at the Medical Board will decide. Let’s hope and pray for the best. Best of Luck.

  5. Thoudam leisemba

    How medical requirements for hand ? What type of medical checks are done for fingers , wrist etc ?

  6. younger bro is selected in PAF cleared initial n interview refered to CMH coz his carring angle is above 15 less than 20..thats quite pathetic n heartbroken coz he z fit and determined to work smoothly..he had never undergone by any injury as well..v hv no approach even…kindly let me know what to do plz

  7. Plz tell me about knock knees..some videos state that to join the feet and if there’s no gap then its fine..but some videos state that stand in savdhan position and if there’s little gap then its fine some videos state tbat stand making a distance of 1 inches and check…plz tell me exact thing plz..

    • Stand on floor forming a “V” shape with your feet and if there is Small Gap between your knees then it’s fine. Also the individual case differs so don’t worry about that let the doctors decided at the Medical Board.

  8. My hand is fracture but my carrying angle is not normal

  9. My hand is bend how to correct
    And which exercise is fast to get stright

  10. Are the medicals done again when reporting for INA joining ,After clearing medicals and merit list ?? If yes what happens to candidates who are found unfit at that course of time??

  11. Sir, the carrying angle of my left arm is ok but the right one has more is it a problem

  12. injury on face is allowed in ssb?

  13. Will they conduct the whole medical procedure again in re appeal or will they conduct only those criterias which are given as unfit

  14. Sir I have undergone surgery of hernia can I still apply in the armed forces?

  15. sir my wrist is not normal, actually i got a small fracture . tell me its matter or not

    • It may be a problem during the medical examination, however, the individual case is decided by the doctors at the medical board so prepare well for SSB Interview and get recommended.

  16. actully my wrist is little turn up ,

  17. Hi sir
    Any exercise ya yoga for cubitas velgus

  18. sir asslam o aliaukam ,sir i have fail intelligence test in short service commission becoz i was giving my first test in army .how many chance i have more i have not given any type of test before

  19. Sirji I suffer from carrying Angle(22°) …but I have no idea what for treatment …sir please tell me its specialist dr….& Gym is factors to treat it????

    • There are not much-known methods of correcting carrying angle other than surgery.

    • You can consult a sports phsiotherapist and also an orthopaedic doctor, if the valgus is due to muscle deformity then it can be cured by simple exercises within 2 months and if it is naturally there then it will take some time to reduce it by exercises suggested by doctors.
      All the best Shubham.

  20. Sir, I have carrying angle problem in right forearm but my left forearm is normal… Am I fit according to medical board!!!?



  22. Sir, my left hand was fractured when i was 5 , it is slightly bent and looks like cubicus varus of about 12-17° of carrying angle . Will it be a rejection at medical exam

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