Travelling Allowance Rules for SSB Interview

Indian Government will provide you the charge occurred in your traveling to and from the SSB Center. Apart from that candidates are provided with free Food, Accommodation, Boarding, and Lodging facility. However, there are certain rules under which Travelling Allowance (TA) will be paid to you.

UPDATE: TA will be sent through NEFT into Bank Account

Following are the rules for claiming Travelling Allowance.

  1. TA is applicable only once for both type of entries i.e. Permanent Commission (PC) and Short Service Commission (SSC) irrespective of service (Army, Navy or Air Force). That means if you appeared for TGC entry of Indian Army then you will not be given TA for AFCAT entry of IAF if you opted for Permanent Commission; however, you can claim TA for SSC entry.
  2. Original Travel documents are required for claiming TA. In case of E-Ticket, you Must take print out of E-Ticket.
  3. You are entitled to AC 3 Tier only even if you travel by any Higher class, but if you travel by Sleeper Class then you will be paid TA of Sleeper Class.
  4. You will be given money and not the ticket. The ticket has to be booked by you.
  5. If you traveled by Air or Bus then also you will be given money equivalent to AC 3 tier class of Train.
  6. TA is admissible for the shortest distance only. That is if your permanent address is in Delhi and you travel from Delhi to Allahabad then you will be paid TA for Delhi to Allahabad but If your permanent address is of Delhi and you started your journey from Lucknow then you will be paid TA from Lucknow to Allahabad.
  7. TA is admissible for the shortest distance only. That is if your permanent address is in Delhi and you travel from Delhi to Allahabad then you will be paid TA for Delhi to Allahabad but If your permanent address is of Delhi and you started your journey from Lucknow then you will be paid TA from Lucknow to Allahabad.
  8. If you traveled by multiple trains or by a combination of train and bus then you have to mention it on your TA form to claim the charge.
  9. Internet reservation charge is not included in TA.
  10. All rules are same for AFSB (Air Force Selection Board) also.

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  1. While filling the online application for afcat by mistake i put tick mark for YES in the column APPEARED FOR SSB BEFORE. But i have not attended any ssb. Will i get TA if i go for ssb? Because at ssb they give separate form for TA..

  2. Will I get full TA if I go by raj dhani??

  3. Am goin by volvo ac n fare is less than ac III.. What TA will i get

    • If the fare of the mode of travel in which you travelled is less than train fare of 3rd AC then you will get the volvo ac fare.

  4. Sir,
    What if I book my ticket through tatkal ?
    Thanks in advance

  5. My previous SSB interview attempts had been for permanent commission (for NDA) and now I am going to appear for SSB interview for AFCAT which includes both permanent commission and short service commission while short service commission is my first preference. Will I get travelling allowance this time?

    • The rules regarding ta keeps on changing. It will be mentioned in your call letter for ssb interview. But don’t think much about it go in best class that is comfortable for you. Take every opportunity as final.

      • please tell sir, as same in my case i have appeared for pc once nd now afcat is both pc and ssc ,so will i get TA in this for ssc

    • hi ,. i have earlier went to kapurthala panjab on ssc tech 47 ssb interview . these time my interview is schedule for banglore . my permanent address is delhi . so even these time i would get my travelling aallowance .

      • You will get TA for one type of entry for once only. If you are going to Bangalore for SSC Entry then you will not get TA.

  6. Will I be given TA if I travel via rajdhani?

  7. Virendra Singh Bhati

    Is travelling allowance admissible for E TICKET?
    I got CALL LETTER for SSB NAVY but i didn’t go there due to my main exams. Now I’m going for SSB will it count 1st attempt for TA.

  8. After clearing afsb how much gap is there for medicals to start.?

  9. After clearing afsb how much gap is there for medicals to start.? Just want to know whether medicals are conducted immediately after afsb or some time gap is given.

  10. amitesh Kumar Yadav

    Sir I alltended ssb interview on first time in Visakhapatnam on 21 Aug the my rail fare wasn’t return on till date.please help me

  11. sir my permanent address is in bhilai chhattisgarh but i am presently living in bangalore so if i book a ticket from bangalore to bhopal they will clear my TA or not

  12. sir,

    i had got a call for attending ssb interview,

    i was asked to select date for which the bank details are to be filled before, what does it mean by filling bank details

  13. I mentioned my hometown as kurnool. But I’m studying in tirupati. Will they provide TA if I travel from tirupati to my reporting centre. This is my 1st time to attend. Actually from tirupati it takes 8hrs.but from kurnool it takes 15hrs… Thank you in advance….

  14. my ssb centre is allahabd. as of now no train seats are vacant.. i am from bhopal.. if i book from bhopal to rewa and then rewa to allahabd will i get full fare.. i will travel by SL class

    • In that case you will get direct fare from Bhopal to Allahabad. Concentrate on your ssb interview, you can earn money till your last breath but SSB Interview doesn’t comes everyday.

  15. Hello Sir,
    I got my call letter for ssb interview Allahabad. But while filling bank details, there is a option “Benificiary Name” of 10 spaces provided, n may full name exceeds 10 letters. So what name should I give in that option?!
    Thank You.

    • You need to bring this to the notice of the Officers at the SSB Interview. As now write your name in 10 letters even if its incomplete. But once again check if there is any option to increase the letters for name in the form.

  16. If my train for return journey is on the 5th day (or last day) of SSB process and if unfortunately, I won’t be able to make through the screening rounds on the first day due to which I have to prepone my return journey then how they will tackle this situation and against which ticket I will get refunded. How will I be able to manage my return ticket if I won’t be able to get through on the 1st day in short?

    • You will not be provided with tickets, only TA is provided, earlier it was given in cash but nowadays it is sent directly in bank account. The cancellation charges are required to be born by the candidate only.

      • That is ok but suppose I have made my reservations for to and fro journey well before time considering 5 days trip and then I reach there and find out that on the very first day I get rejected in the screening round, and as you know they will ask me to leave on the same day but I won’t be having any reservations for that (1st) day and then I have to get tatkal ticket next day in the morning in the tatkal hours so will they refund for the ticket that I am going to book the other day??
        PS: I know that they won’t refund for the 5th-day ticket that I am going to cancel on the day 1, and my journey is too long so I have to plan all this in advance.

        I hope you get the situation..

        • They will give you money either in cash or bank transfer only for Two way journey from your hometown to SSB Centre. Rest they are not concerned. Tatkal charges are not reimbursed. Candidate has to bear those charges. Better you book ticket for both days i.e. for 1st and 5th day. The cancellation charges will have to be born by you. Let’s say the fare from your hometown to SSB Centre is Rs. 500/- (without online reservation charges, if any) then you will be paid Rs.1,000/-. In case you cancel the ticket you will not get reimbursement of cancellation charges it is to be born by the candidate only.

          • I understand what you say, but the point is that we have to submit hard copy of tickets (to and fro) on the very first day. Now, if someone doesn’t qualify in screening test he has to book return ticket again and has to cancel his previous return ticket. Now, at this time, when he is out of AFSB Center, he won’t be able to submit new return ticket. Now, how come AFSB will give TA if his previous return ticket gets canceled? And the person is not allowed to submit new return ticket I guess, once he becomes disqualified. Hope you understand the situation.

          • No you don’t need to submit the return ticket. You just need to show the ticket from your Home to SSB Centre you will be paid twice the amount of that.

          • Okay. So we are required to submit the train ticket for one way i.e. from hometown to SSB center and they will reimburse double the amount of that. ? Right?

          • Exactly!

  17. sir i am attending ssb for second time but i have not claimed for ta for first time (previous entry was ssc and present is also ssc).will i get ta now for second time.

  18. sir i am going to attend my first ssb in kapurthala. my permanent address is Kalka(Haryana) nearer to chandigarh. but now i am doing Job in delhi. now i will travel from delhi to kapurthala in 3AC. Can now i change my postal adress for TA.

  19. How much time does the SSB centre take to refund the travelling allowance in the bank? It has been a week but the travelling allowance is not refunded to my account.

  20. I have no personal account with any bank but I have my brother’s account…… Than I get ta or not???

    • Get a bank account on your name before proceeding for SSB Interview. Else only the staff at selection centre can help you in this regard

  21. Sir my ssb is in Bengaluru and I have filled my permanent address as Allahabad. Presently I am studying in Delhi. If I take ticket of 3 AC from Delhi , then will I get ta for 3AC from Allahabad or not. Or they will provide me the fare of sleeper class from Allahabad.

    • You will get to and fro 3rd AC fare from Allahabad to Bengaluru. They will not provide you any ticket. The money will be transferred to your bank account.

  22. Sir,
    My SSB center is Bengaluru and I’ll be travelling from Howrah (Kolkata). There are two trains HWH YPR Duronto whose 3A fare is 3500 inr and another express whose 3A fare is 1500 inr.
    I am confused here, will I paid full amount if I travel by Duronto whose charge is 2000 inr more than the other express.

  23. sir yestersday i attended the ssb interview.,in TA form i have made a mistake.,is there any posible to change it

  24. sir, i attended SSB in Vishkhapatnam in first week of December but November but still i don’t get my TA .
    I had attached everything ticket , bank details but there is no action till now. In fact, i sent mails but no reply os there

  25. Sir,I want to Bhopal for tes 38 ,but still now I didn’t get any TA ,why sir ,plz send

  26. How many days are required to get train tickets refund in bank account through NEFT … any helpline number

  27. I have booked Rajdhani from Bengaluru to Bhopal for SSB, also I have opted for Veg only food in the train , will I get train fare with food charges as TA?

  28. Actually I entered my friend’s bank account detail.. Am I eligible for TA?

  29. i already attended ssc interview for navy once… & first time i m going to attend the ssc interview for army.. is TA is aplicable for me??????

  30. Sir … I have booked ticket from renigunta to Allahabad… It showing WL .. I think it will not confirm … Shall I get TA

    • You need to give confirm ticket as in case of waitlisted ticket you will not incur any expenditure as the money will be refunded. Either show the proof of chart or ticket of the mode of transport that you took through which you reached the selection center.

  31. Sir, I have a question ..please reply. Its my first ssb ever..
    My parents are also going with me. I know that their ticket fares will not be paid .. they will only pay the ticket fareof mine.. but if the ticket of me and my parents are on same PNR ,that is on the same ticket, then will there be any problem on submission the ticket to get refund of myself?

  32. Sir i attended the ssb in vskp and 25 days has been past but i did not received the Traveeling allowance.
    how many days it will take to refund TA ?

  33. Sir I attended the ssb in March but I didn’t get my TA yet please tell me how much more days will it take

  34. Hi Sir,
    In case the fares are more than that of AC 3 Tier Railway fares, will we get equivalent amount of AC 3 tier or will not get any reimbursement? Thanks.

  35. Sir,
    May i get TA if I traveled by flight and return too in flight…………..?

  36. please post a TA form for NDA.

  37. Good morning sir ,
    My Total TA is 2170 . Please send money by My Brother account .
    A/c 33296055526 . Sbi . IFSC = SBIN0006381 , Alok kumar .

  38. Sir,
    I am going to attend my first afsb interview and I am travelling with my brother. Do I need to book individual tickets to get Travelling Allowance ? Whether I be provided ta on joint ticket ?

  39. Gagandeep Bhatia

    Sir , i attended AFSB , Dehradun under NDA-140. I did not claimed my travel fare that time.
    I am attending SSB , Allahabad under NDA-141. Will I be given TA?

    Yours Sincerely,

  40. I have attended SSBWNT-22 Allahabad, I had submitted AC Chair Car ticket, but I was only paid sleeper class ticket and the amount paid was half that of my travelling expenses. I had contacted SSB Allahabad many times but didn’t get my remaining refund. Isn’t it wrong I signed a form in which it was clearly mentioned that the full amount that was double of travelling allowance from my destination to ssb Allahabad will be paid to me, as the form came back for re-verification, if the amount is right or not?


    sir I’m going to attend SSB first time. My permanent adddress is Rohtas, Bihar and currently i’m in Bhopal, My SSB centre is in Bangaluru, There are no trains having available birth from bhopal to Bangaluru. But there is a train originate from patna(does not passes through Bhopal but passes through Itarsi(the nearer station from bhopal jn.)) in which the seats are available but only when, I book the ticket from patna not from Itarsi . Now i’m thinking that i will book the ticket from patna to bangaluru for getting confirm ticket and choose the boarding station as itarsi(the nearer station from bhopal). In this case will i get TA and for which distance.

  42. Sir, My university has provided me with hand written provisional certificate. Is it acceptable at afsb. Will they allow me with that handwritten documents. I have my ssb at afcat in November. Please reply.

  43. Sir my home railway station is kottayam,kerala. As my ssb venue is in Allahabad and trains are very rare from Kottayam to Allahabad, i have to travel by 3 connection trains. So the best option for me is to book tickets from Ernakulam junction railway station, which is in the next district of the route to Allahabad where i can travel by 2 connection trains. Will i get the TA in this route.
    And also i would like to know whether TA is also available on Duronto, Rajdhani express 3Ac tickets also.

  44. Sir,i don’t have cancelled cheque but it is mandatory to bring written in call letter, what can I do?
    it’s urgent pls reply

  45. Sir, I have SSBT(52) interview at Allahabad, If i am screened out in first day (STAGE 1, Intelligence test & PPDT)) of SSB interview, TA is given or not??

  46. Hello sir , I just want to know that if I booked a ticket from 9 days before sab date (it’s my first time SSB interview). Will I get TA?

  47. Sir i have given the interview of tes-39 and now going to give ssb interview ,i will be included in repeater
    or in fresher

  48. I have not brought the cancelled cheque, will there be any problem in claiming for TA?

  49. Hello there.
    I’ve shortlisted for SSB interview at SCE, Allahabad. I’ve to travel from Guntakal (AP) to Allahabad via Rail (only route) and Reservation charges are 1870/- (3A) and 710/-(Sleeper). If i go by 3A (Express), will i get refund for 3A charges (i.e., 1870/-) ?

  50. My ssb date is 15 dec, my hometown is near lucknow, but currently I am in hyderabad, will I be given TA if I arrive 12/13 dec by train.
    or/& will I be provided with TA if I come 12th or 13th dec, Airways upto lucknow?

  51. Sir i have attended SSB for TES-40 at bhopal but at that time i did not claimed for TA.
    And now i am going for TES-41. Can i claim for TA now?

  52. Sir i have attended one ssb for ssc course and got screened out and now i m going for the pc course ssb. i wanted to know that whether i will be screen out or fresher for pc course. And also whether i will get TA for this course.

  53. Sir I had been tested in AFSB Dehradun For Metereological Branch(Post graduation level) in which i had applied for permanent commission as a first choice and ssc as a second. I got TA. Now i have an AFSB interview for ground duty (graduation level) throgh AFCAT. Here same choices are filled first permanent and then short service. am i eligible to get TA or not. For both of these interviews servicea i had applied from the same notification 2/2018.

  54. Vrinda Pavithran

    I have attended ssb interview on February 10 2019 ,but I didn’t get my travel allowance till now .What should I do to get it refunded.. please help

  55. My parmanent address is Hyderabad but my corrospandance agra my interview is in Bengluru .If i book ticket from AGC-SBC do i get the TA.

  56. I attended for SSB on 2nd July 2019
    Still I didn’t get the travel allowance
    I rechecked my details which are given
    How can I proceed now

  57. If I travel from AC chair car in shatabdi train so, is it taken in consideration…?

  58. I got ta for ssc tech now I am going to attend navy weather I will get ta?

  59. My hometown address is mirzapur but I am currently live in Ghaziabad and I already mention corresponding address in form so my TA is valid from ghaziabad to allahabad Or not?

  60. How long it will take to credit the TA money in our bank account.

  61. I have booked 2 tickets one for me and one for my friend in a single transaction. Will I get T.A in AFSB?

    • You will get TA for you. Further, if your friend is also going for SSB Interview then he will also get TA, you both need to tell the person there that you two have booked the ticket together.

  62. I had my SSC tech ssb on 9th march 2021. Its been two months, I didn’t received my TA, I have put my enquiry on my OFFICER LOGIN PORTAL. Also have mailed the Service selection commision ALLAHAbad on, but no reply. I have called on 0532-2424816 (Selection Centre East, Allahabad), they have asked me to wait for 4 months… what should i do now?

  63. Sir i went for ssb for Tes entry and got the TA for it now I am going for Nda entry will I also get TA this time
    As my friend got it in Tes entry and in Nda entry

  64. Sudhakar kashyap

    Sir I an going to appear in ssc tech examination to bhopal but from my permanent address no direct train is gone to bhopal so I m traveling by multiple train and booked ticket in ac 3rd tier then what type of TA Is given 3rd tier or sleeper class.

  65. Hello, I’ve called up for the interview to Allahabad. While booking the tickets I’ve booked two tickets one for me and the other for my father to come along with me. So the ticket is showing both of our details. Will they provide me TA?

  66. if you know your name was not shortlisted and you want to be admitted into the Nigeria defence academy (NDA) kindly call me on 09034171247, i General Gbega Ade will help you to secure your admission

  67. Will I get TA if i took general 2nd sitting , instead of 3rd AC ?

  68. If two candidates booked ticket in a once and there is same one for both of the candidates.Will they be eligible for the TA??

  69. Hi Sir, #Please reply#
    I am from Bareilly,and afsb at mysore , no direct train, booked flight ticket to mysore, but did not booked return ticket as 2 tickets(1st and last day) and there cancellation will cost more. I want to ask if board will give full reimbursement for both way (bareilly to mysore) and (mysore to bareilly) as i have documents for only one way ticket.

  70. If I not claim my TA in 1st SSB. Then can I claim in my Second SSB.

  71. I didn’t claim for TA in my TES entry. Can I claim for TA in TGC entry?

  72. Is TA given for the family members who accompany with us?


  74. Sir my ssb is in ticket is in waiting list .will i get my TA?

  75. I have not yet received my TA amount it’s been almost 7 months whom should i contact

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