How to perform well in Individual Narration

Individual Narration is an important test of Stage I (Screening) at the Service Selection Boards (SSBs). In this test, you are required to narrate the story which you have written based on the picture shown to you. This test is very important to get screened IN as each one of you will be assessed individually, here your skills and ability are judged and if you possess them and showcase them properly then you stand a good chance of getting screened IN.

Sitting Arrangement for Individual Narration

Each one of you will be given 40 sec to 1 Min time to narrate your individual story. The time given to you will depend on the strength of your group if more candidates are there then less time will be given. If any candidate exceeds the time limit then one of the assessors will say next and at that time that candidate is required to stop and the next candidate will start narrating his story. Let’s discuss Do’s and Don’ts of Individual Narration in detail.


Important points to Keep in Mind during Individual Narration

Never Mug up your written story

Generally, candidates are seen trying to remember their story in the time period which they get before going to the discussion room, many are even seen narrating their story to one of their group members. I would suggest you not to do so and just keep yourself relax and calm because if you try to remember your story and if you miss few things while narrating then you will get nervous which may lead to your rejection.

At the time of narration try to form the story again, just keep the basic theme of your story same as what you have written. Give a familiar name to main character of your story while writing the story so that it will not be hard for you to recall and regarding age give age in round figures i.e. if you feel the person show in the picture is 27 years of age then give him age as 30 years, it will be easy for you to recall at the time of narration.

Always address your group

You are required to narrate your story to your group of 15-25 candidates. Do not get stuck on to just a few candidates who nod their head or seems to be listening actively. Try to make eye contact with each member of your group, if you have candidates on your both side then you need to turn your face to both sides for some time depending on strength, address the side that has more candidates for long duration and never look at the assessor.

A small tip for eye contact is that never see in any group members eyes just look at their forehead it will make them feel that you are looking in their eyes because looking at other person’s eyes while talking might make you feel nervous. You can use this tip in an interview also, answer by looking at the forehead of the interview. Try this tip with your friends in your daily life to believe it.

Don’t waste your time in wishing the assessor or your group members, even you will be given instruction before the discussion that you don’t have to wish assessor.

Language to be used

The language to be used for narration in English, but you can use a word or two of Hindi but switch back to English as soon as possible. Friends many candidates who are not comfortable with English generally have doubt that what if they speak in Hindi?. To answer that, I would say if you listen properly to the assessor you will notice that he says the preferred language is English. So, try to break all language barrier and start speaking English from this point. Although many Hindi speaking candidates are also selected, there is no absolute demand for English but it is an added advantage.

Qualities of Good Narration

Your narration must be loud that means audible to everyone in that room only not in the next room. Modulate your voice where required, try and make the other candidates interested in listing to your story.

What to do when listening to other’s story

When someone else is narrating his story then look at that person rather than judging the quality of tiles used on the floor or checking the ceiling. Do not look at the assessor even when listing let them do their work, assume them as a dummy. You must remember the basic theme of the story of few other candidates as it will be helpful for you during group discussion.

Body Posture

You must be relaxed don’t be too straight keep your back resting on the chair. Keep your hands on your knees, never cross your arms or tap your foot on the floor. Keep your legs at a 90-degree angle with respect to ground.

What if you exceed time limit

If you exceed time limit then one of the assessors will say next and at that point, you must be dead stop no single word thereafter. Don’t try to add few words or line to your story, it will not help you in any way. Generally, when the assessor gets the overview of your story they ask you to stop and next person will start.

At Last

After the Individual Narration, Group Discussion will take place and then assessor will ask you to leave the room, at that point stand up, keep head high and walk straight. No need to wish or thank anyone.

You need to practice the above-mentioned things don’t try to remember them trying to implement these things in your daily life.

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