Thematic Apperception Test No.1

Thematic Apperception Test No.1. This is the first model TAT which you must practice.

Close this page if you are not ready with your writing material and come back with full preparation.

If your Internet connection is slow then do not download or open any other website while doing this test.

When you see Start Writing message then start writing the story and keep writing until next image is not displayed, during that period you will see Start Writing Message only.

The test will start in anytime from now, So be ready and at the end of the test you will see TEST COMPLETED message.

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  1. Annaliesa Gonzalez

    It looks like there are a group of students seeing whether or not they made a certain team or a certain role in a play. some of them look upset and some seem confused. the girls seem more disappointed then the guys and the guys just seem more confused. It seems like more of a play casting list is posted since there are both girls and boy and they don’t really appear to be athletic.

  2. It looks like a group of people are looking at a board to see if they made it to a team/club or goal. There seems to be different emotions just by the look of their face expressions. Some seem upset or happy, by this I can assume some made it to and some didn’t.

  3. A group of people reading a post on a notice board

  4. a group of people watching and pointing at a notice board

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