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Interview is one to one affair between the candidate and the Interviewing Officer (IO). There will be one or two Officer taking your interview in SSB. During your whole interview, you will be given a chair to sit but the IO will try to pull you from that chair (not physically but by his questions). Unlike other interviews, the seating arrangement will be such that all your body movement and your manners will be seen by the IO.

Generally, at Service Selection Boards interview is conducted in afternoon and evenings but you might have you interview in morning at Air Force Selection Boards. You must go with a relaxed mind for the interview and you must not be unnecessarily nervous.

First and foremost you must wear a proper Dress as your first impression will stay in IO’s mind for long. In early minutes of your interview, IO will make you feel relax by asking you about your stay, journey, and accommodation at the Board. Once he feels that now its time to shoot some real question then your real interview starts.

IO will try to make you panic and will try to bring you under stress as he wants to know how you will perform under stress.


This is seating arrangement for Interview at Service Selection Boards.

Along part of your interview will revolve around the things which you mentioned in your PIQ so you must be ready for any kind of question-related to that. IO will also ask some basic physics questions to know about how honestly you studied, you need not worry about those questions as they are really very simple you can answer them easily.

Sometimes to check your qualities IO might fire up some Situations to you and will keep cross-questioning you till he satisfies regarding your personality. For example, he might say that you have to cross a river what will you do, let’s say you answered I will swim across the river, then IO will say let’s assume that you don’t know swimming what will you do then. At this point do not say that I know swimming how can I ignore it as the IO is looking for some more ideas from you so give him any other idea to cross the river.

You will be made to wait in a room which will be having some pictures/photos and magazines before you proceed for your interview, sometimes IO asks you questions related to that room so you must also make yourself familiar with that also.

Some General Questions

  1. Why do you want to Join Army/Navy/Air Force?
  2. Have you taken Coaching for SSB?.
  3. Tell me something about your journey?.

We are not going to give an answer to any question as the answer to each question asked in SSB vary from individual to individual and we might give an answer which doesn’t suit your personality then you might be in trouble so look into yourself and find the answers. We have provided an outline of all the question under various categories which you can see from the links above.

In the end of your interview IO will give you an opportunity to ask any question from him, generally, it is advisable not to ask anything from him but if you want to ask then go for a sensible question (do not ask how was your performance in the Interview!).

Note – Never Try to Bluff in SSB Interview, one thing is sure that you will be caught if you bluff, so keep it simple and true.

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