Individual Obstacles

Individual Obstetrical are the set of 10 Obstacles which each candidate has to do individually as the name suggest. The Time assigned is 3 Minutes. Each obstacle has a Number written against it which denotes the marks that will be awarded for completing the obstacle. For example, if there is a number 7 written on a certain obstacle then you will be given 7 marks if you complete the obstacle properly.

Total number of obstacle10
Total Marks55
Time3 Minutes

GTO will take you around each and every obstacle and will make you shout the number written against each obstacle, while he takes you around the obstacle you will find that the obstacles are not arranged in a proper sequence and hence you can start from wherever you feel like maybe it is Obstacle No.1 or No.10 and you can finish anywhere you like.

If you get stuck on a particular obstacle even after trying it many times then leave it and again come back later to it and then complete it if you have enough time left with you.

In case you have successfully done all the 10 obstacles then you are at the liberty to repeat the obstacles but repetition over an obstacle can be done only once. Let say you completed your Ten obstacles on obstacle No.8 then you can do obstacle 8 once only and come back to do it again only if you complete all the other obstacles. In case if you completed all obstacles then rather than thinking for marks do the repetition of that obstacle which is close to you. If you completed all obstacles successfully then you will be awarded 55 Marks and if you repeated any obstacle then you marks will increase let say you repeated obstacle No.10 and No.5 your sum will 70 (55+10+5=70).


The candidate bearing first chest no. in your group will be called first and he can stand near to any obstacle from where he wants to start, GTO will instruct him to start by blowing his whistle, after 2.5 minutes GTO will again blow his whistle which is to indicate the Candidate who is currently doing the obstacle that half a minute is still left and the next candidate will stand near to the obstacle from where he wants to start as soon as the full 3 minutes get over then GTO blows his whistle twice to indicate the first candidate to stop doing the tasks as his time is over and to next candidate that his time starts now. So, there will be no gap between two candidates doing the task. If GTO blows his whistle twice and you are still doing the task then leave the task as it is and move out of the ground or as instructed.

The Obstacles

Obstacle No.1
Obstacle No.2
Obstacle No.4
Obstacle No.9
Obstacle No.6
Obstacle No.5
Obstacle No.3
Obstacle No.10
Obstacle No.7
Obstacle No.8












Note – Colour rule apply for Individual Obstacles, you will find obstacles painted red and white. You will not be awarded marks if you touch red coloured area on the obstacle as that is out of bound for candidates.

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