Indian Navy Officer’s Rank Structure

Indian Navy (IN) is one amongst highly sophisticated and powerful Naval Forces of the world. Here you can get an insight of Rank Structure of Indian Navy. Initially, when a candidate is inducted into Indian Navy he will undergo training thereafter the candidate is inducted as a commissioned officer in Navy and awarded rank of Sublieutenant. Thereafter on promotion, the rank increases with that also increase the responsibility which the candidate has to shoulder. The Head of Indian Navy is known as Admiral.

While the Admiral of the Fleet is an honorary/wartime rank. Till date, no officer has been awarded this rank.

The following table gives you the information about ranks of officers in Navy in increasing order from top to bottom i.e. the first being Sublieutenant and the senior most is Admiral of the Fleet.

Rank Sleeve Shoulder
Lieutenant Commander    
Rear Admiral    
Vice Admiral    
Admiral of the Fleet    

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