When to book return ticket for SSB Interview

SSB Interview is conducted in two stages one is Screening or Stage I and the other is the actual interview or Stage II. Those candidates who qualify the Stage I or the Screening are retained in the Selection Centre for further testing for 5 days and those who fail to qualify the screening will be sent back to home. Further, those candidates who get recommended by the Service Selection Board after Stage II will be retained for Medical Examination while those who are not recommended will be sent back to home. If a candidate is appearing for a particular type of entry i.e. either Permanent Commission or Short Service Commission he/she will be entitled to draw Travelling Allowance. It is pertinent to mention that you will be not be given a ticket, you will be given money in your bank account as traveling allowance.

So a candidate could be sent back to home after the first day, fifth or tenth day. Generally, candidates are in a doubt when to book the return ticket for the SSB Interview

Friends, it’s not possible to exactly predict when you will be required to perform the return journey from Selection Centre to your Home. So our suggestion is you book two return tickets. One ticket should be booked considering if you are not screened In and the other ticket to be booked considering if you are not recommended by the board for medical. If you get screened in you will get some time to cancel the ticket. However, as you will be canceling within 24 hours so the amount of refund you will get will be very less. Of course, you will lose some money in the process but SSB Interview is once in a lifetime opportunity and for those who are determined to join Defence forces it’s important that you go back to home in a comfortable manner otherwise your motivation to come back for SSB interview will get hampered.  

So, don’t worry about money, you will be earning money in some way or the other for your entire life. Book two return tickets, one after screening and second after completion of the conference of SSB Interview. And if you get recommended for medical examination then you can manage by yourself also you won’t mind paying few extra bucks for a ticket after getting recommended by the medical board also.

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  1. Well this made my doubt clear .Thank you so much Sir

  2. Hi there
    i would like to know that if someone gets rejected on the very first day then he/she will get a TA for the return ticket or not?

  3. Hello Sir, I have a doubt, i only have to provide one way ticket hard copy to the ssb and they will send double the amount of this to my bank account or i have to produce both to and fro ticket hard copy?

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