How to greet multiple Interviewers

In the recent years, the Interview procedure all over the world has significantly changed. From the practice of one interviewer nowadays, about 4-5 interviewers are judging the suitability of a candidate for that particular post. The companies are not just focusing on the academic of the candidate but also the non-verbal signals that an individual emits during an interview. Few companies are going overboard in this field and they are taking the help of a psychologist for conducting the interviews.

In this current scenario, many candidates face the problem of how to greet multiple interviewers or how to greet a panel of interviewers. So, today let’s discuss the various way in which you can greet more than one interviewer.

What to do if there are just two interviewers?

In that case, as they are just two you can greet them individually. If possible try to work out who is the senior of the two and wish him first.

How to wish more than two interviewers?

In this case, wishing each and everyone is not a good idea one thing is that the interviewers generally have a fixed time slot for each candidate and you need that time to showcase your qualities and suitability for the job, by wasting that time you are doing a lot of harm to your selection. Another problem in wishing each and everyone is that if the seniormost person is not sitting in starting or centre then you might end up wishing him/her at the very last and he/she could feel offended by this. 

In this Just say “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Everyone” and try to make eye contact with everyone.

No, matter, whether the panel of interviewers includes just males or females or a combination of both the above response, will work fine in every case. If the interviewer asks why you didn’t wish each of us individually then you can say I don’t want to waste the time in wishing, I want to utilize the time in showcasing my qualities so I wished you together. The interviewer will get to know that you are confident in your capabilities.

What to do if there is only one lady among the interviewers and the rest of them are male?

You might face this situation during the Conference of your SSB Interview, In this case, greet the lady first and individually and then say Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Everyone. While greeting try to make eye contact with as many interviewers as possible.


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