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How to perform well in Individual Obstacles

Individual Obstacles (IOs) are a set of 10 physical obstacles that a candidate is required to complete individually. The IOs are conducted as a part of GTO tasks but unlike other tasks in this series you need to perform them individually.

If you are not aware of the procedure and structure of Individual Obstacle then click here to know complete details. On this page, we will discuss the tips you should follow while performing IOs.

What kind of Shoes should you prefer?

As per the instructions are given in your call letter you should wear White PT/Sports Shoes for GTO tasks. It is suggested that White Sports Shoes will be better because you will be required to run between two obstacles and if you can run fast you can save quite some time.

Stamina/Physical fitness

You must be physically sound and have a good stamina for efficiently performing these obstacles. In order to be gain some stamina, you can do running and few push-ups daily. But keep in mind that you need to start the exercises at least one month before SSB Interview date otherwise if you start exercising just a few days before it will make your muscles stiff and gives you a lot of pain especially if you are performing the exercises after a long time.

Discipline/Behavior during the task

Discipline is of utmost importance in any task of SSB Interview and IOs are no different. While one candidate is performing the others will not be allowed to see him. You should not look at the candidate who is currently performing the tasks you need to understand that this is for your own sake only. If you are looking at the candidate performing and while doing any obstacle he/she fells down or unable to complete it then you will unconsciously start feeling that it is a tough obstacle and you can’t do it or will attempt it at last. You need to understand that it may be possible that one thing tough for one person could be a piece of cake for you. Hence, it is better to not look at the person performing the task.

What to do if you stuck on an Obstacle?

It may happen that you find any obstacle difficult to perform, in that situation give it another try, if you go through it then fine but if still, you are not able to manage that then skip that and go on to the next one. If you have time left after finishing all other obstacles then come back to that obstacle and try that again.

What to do if you got injured?

If there is any minor injury then don’t highlight that. If you got some serious Injury then chances are GTO will himself notice that, but don’t stop performing the task even if you get any bone broken. You must be full of Josh even when injured, I know it’s hard but Army is looking for someone with the following mindset.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Do the marks assigned to the task matters?

No really, If this is the only task in which you lack then you will be recommended. These tasks judge your attitude towards a problem and check your fear. The structures that you need to climb will be of quite some height.

If you feel we missed something important then do mention in the comments section below otherwise if you enjoyed reading this article then also write something in the comment box because your words are our motivation.


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