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Tips to select AFSB centre after clearing AFCAT exam

After Clearing AFCAT Exam you will be given an opportunity by the Indian Air Force to select your venue and date of SSB Interview at AFSB (Air Force Selection Board). As IAF is giving you the option to select the date and venue any subsequent request regarding changing the date will be difficult to get admitted.

Here we will discuss what all the things that you need to keep in mind while selecting time and venue of the Interview.

Distance: – Distance of AFSB from your place of residence is an important factor, if you choose a board which is near to your place of residence then you will be comfortable during the testing. Because many candidates who travel long distances didn’t even get fresh on the day when they reach the selection board. It is advised that you should reach one day before the scheduled date of Interview, although it will cost you little extra money, however, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to give your best. Candidates appearing for SSB Interview for the first time will get Travelling Allowance.

Social Function: – Functions like Marriage, Birthday Party etc. know well in advance. If any of your near and dear ones is having such function and you can’t afford to miss that then choose your AFSB Interview Date accordingly.

Exam: – Another important thing to keep in mind is that whether the SSB Interview dates are clashing with any other exam. Candidates studying in the final year should keep in mind that their semester exam is not clashing with SSB Interview. Many of you are those who have already cleared the degree exam and now preparing for competitive exams then you need to keep in mind the tentative dates of all such exams that you will be taking.

Local Resident: – Candidates who are Local residents of the city in which AFSB in situated are not allowed to appear in that Centre and they need to disclose this information to the Selection Board. Also, don’t select the board in which you’re relative or any known person is working.

Flying Branch:– Candidates who have applied only for Flying Branch are to select 1 AFSB (Dehradun), 2 AFSB (Mysore) or 4 AFSB (Varanasi) as their AFSB centre.

Another important thing is that Interviewing officer may ask you the question that why you selected this particular board and date for Interview. So, select your venue and dates rationally so that you would be able to answer that question if asked.

Many candidates have a prejudice about a particular centre that a lot of candidates are rejected from that Board. But the reality is you are selected or rejected based on your individual performance.

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