GTO’s Briefing for Lecturette

Lecturette is an important task conducted in the GTO series, it is aimed to judge the candidates Self-confidence and Power of Expression i.e. the ability to put across one’s idea with ease and clarity.

The Lecturette is a task where the candidates feel a lot of pressure because here the entire focus of the group is on a particular candidate and that candidate if not well experienced in public speaking will surely find it difficult. Before commencing the task, GTO will give briefing which is as follows:

Gentlemen, the task is called lecturette. I have a number of lecture cards with me. Each card has four subjects written on it. Each of you by turn will get a card and you need to  choose one of the subjects given on the chosen card, the move a little bit away from the group and thing over it for about three minutes and then come and give a short talk on the same for about three minutes to the rest of the group.

The process to be followed is such that first of all Chest No.1,  will take a card from me, go a little away from us to choose the subjects and think over it. After about three minutes or earlier if he is ready, he will hand over his card to me, stand in front of the group and give his talk. As soon as Chest No.1 is ready for his talk, Chest No.2 will take the next card from me so that while Chest No.1 is talking Chest No.2 will be preparing his talk.

I have a bell with me that I will tap and on hearing it, Chest No.2 will handover his card to me and Chest No.3 will take the next card from me. We shall carry on this way till all of you have given your talk.

Gentlemen, to keep you informed of your time, after two and half minutes of your talk, I will tap the bell once. You should try and wind up the issue in the next half a minute, failing which I shall give another tap on the bell on my board to indicate the end of your three minutes.

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