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NDA 139 Centre Allotment List

Indian Army has published the centre allotment list for SSB Interview for NDA 139 course. 

What does this list signify?

If your name is on this list and a place (Kapurthala/Bhopal/Allahabad/Bangalore) is also mentioned in front of your name it simply means that your SSB Interview will be conducted at the place mentioned in front of your name.

NDA 140 Centre Allotment List

Click Here to Download the List

Click Here to View IAF SSB Interview Dates

What to do if your name is not on this List?

Air Force Candidates who have qualified of NDA & NA (I),2017 written examination i.e. NDA 139, having the first choice as Air Force and whose name does not appear in centre allotment list above, will receive their SSB call letters from Air HQ.

Candidates who have qualified NDA & NA (I), 2017 written examination and having the first choice as Navy/ Naval Academy, will receive their SSB call letters from DMPR, IHQ of MoD (Navy).

When do I need to report for SSB Interview?

This is centre allotment list the exact date of your SSB Interview will be intimated to you in due course. You need to keep an eye on the official websites of our defence forces.

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About SSB Interview

Get all the latest information about SSB Interviews. Know all details about Screening, GTO, Interview, Conference, Psychology and Medical.

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  1. Sir I have cleared NDA/NA 1 2017 and my first preference in the application form was navy when i will get the ssb call letter

    Ihave received one but i am not confirmed yet whether that ssb is of NDA/NA 1 of of some other entry

    • Does the list above contains your name? if not then you will get call letter from Indian Navy. You should keep checking the website of Indian Navy because the call letter will be generated first on website and then sent to you by post.

  2. Abhishek tripathi

    I have qulifed the wriiten exam of NDA1 2017 but i have not recive my call up letter what i will do please tell m sir ., and sir i have also lost my admit card .

    • Check for your name in the center allotment list for Army. If your name is not there then check Indian Navy and Air Force website.

  3. i have qualified for nda 1 having my first choice for indian airforce .but my nane is not in list.what to do now.tell me the expected inter view date also

  4. Saksham Srivastava

    Sir I qualified the nda written examination but my name is not in the ssb center allotment list. I picked Navy as my first choice. My roll no.is 0017072.

  5. Sir I cleared NDA 2 2017 written exam.I opted Indian air force as my first choice.Now my name is not in the centre allotment list of NDA140 course.
    What should I do?

    • wait for the center allotment list of IAF.

    • sir I am roushan kumar. I am qualify nda 2 2017written exam but ssb centre allotment list does not show my name my upsc roll no. is 0313939 what should I do please help me Sir

      • If IAF was your first choice then wait for the centre allotment list of IAF.

        • Sir are you 100% sure that ssb meter is going to come because same is the case with me

          • Check the written result again and see if you have qualified in written exam for Army/Navy or Air Force? If you have qualified for Army then immediately contact Indian Army, but if you have qualified for Navy or IAF then wait for centre allotment list by IAF and Navy.

  6. Sir I cleared nda 2 written exam and opted for army..still my name is not on list…I am very confused what to do?

  7. Sir my name is note there in ssb centre allotment list of nda 2017 2 . I have cleared written exam. Air force was my first preference in nda form. I m worried. How will i get information regarding ssb. Please help me sir

    • Don’t worry. Just confirm with Indian Army and wait for the centre allotment list of Air Force.

      • Is someone has opted priority army and still his name is not in centre allotment list of joinindianarmy ..then what to do??

        • Check the written result again and see if you have qualified in written exam for Army or for Navy? If you have qualified for Army then immediately contact Indian Army, but if you have qualified for Navy then check Indian Navy’s website for SSB centre allotment.

          • Sir I just checked the written result I have qualified for army still my name is missing……now what to do?

  8. I opted for airforce and cleared written nda 2 but still my name is not there and I know that there comes only 1 list

  9. Sir I have cleared nda 2 written 2017.But my name was not in ssb date of indian army .I h ave choose Navy as first choice I am worried What I have to do

  10. Sir what mistake in during fill NDA form.the candidate name not in list for there according to choice (candidate choice only one thing IA/IAF/navy).

  11. Sir I am clear NDA 2017(1) I am also clear ssb.my dob is 1/7/1999.when the course starts I have no marks sheet of final year because I am appearing class 12(for IAF).

  12. Sir I am appearing class 12.i have clear my NDA (1)(2017)for IAF. but Sir when the course has been started on this time I have not give marksheet of class 12sir what to do.

  13. When will nda 2 2017 army preference ssb dates will come out?

  14. Sir a candidate is appearing class 12 he is giving NDA (2)he is eligible or not for applying IAF.

  15. Sir, I think that there are almost 6000-7000 candidates who have qualified for the written NDA 2 2017. But the ssb lists are having only few candidate names. I too have the same problem that my name is not there in the list. Applied for the AIR FORCE as the first choice. Websites are saying that emails/ messages would be arrived but still no response.Please look into this matter & give reply soon🙏🙏

  16. Sir.,I qualified nda 2 2017,,i got the the call up letter of Indian Navy.12SSB Bangalore.. .but my name is not in center allotment list given by (indianarmy. Nic. In) site also says to register after qualified written but i didn’t…. Is it ok sir

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