GTO’s Briefing for Command Task

The GTO i.e. Group Testing Officer during the SSB Interview will give you certain instructions before each and every task. As a candidate, you must listen to his instructions very carefully because there is a lot of hidden meaning in them and you need to perform the task as per the instructions only.

The Command Task will be most probably the penultimate task of the GTO Series and before conducting the task, GTO will give briefing which is as follows:

Gentleman, in your group tasks so far you have been working as equals, where each of you had the same say as to how the task could be done. At times, you might have felt differently to the plan of action adopted by your group. This task, called the command task, will allow you of doing the task in your way.

Each of you, in turn, will be nominated as a commander for one task. You will then do your task in the manner you want to without anyone else questioning or interfering you.

The task will be an obstacle of the PGT with similar rules, except the bit modified group rule, for obvious reasons. You will be allowed 15 minutes each to complete your task.

Each commander will have the choice of his team from amongst the group members. Excluding the commander, the team will consist of two members.

Now those of you who are chosen as teammates must do as the commander tells you to do whether you approve it or not. After all, the responsibility of doing the task is his and it is only fair that his wishes are carried out unquestioned.

Therefore, no one else should do anything directly or even indirectly on his own; you should not even speak unless specifically addressed to by the commander.

The GTO will subject you to pressure during the task by taking out either helping material or removing any structure on the ground. What the GTO wants to see is how your brain function under pressure, whether you can generate ideas under pressure or not, he is not interested in your rope tying skills or ability to hold heavy planks.

How is the task allotted to the candidate?

The task assigned by the GTO is as per the capabilities of the candidates which the GTO has already judged during several previous tasks such as GD, GPE, PGT, HGT, Snake Race etc.

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