GTO’s Briefing for Half Group Task

The GTO i.e. Group Testing Officer during the SSB Interview will give you certain instructions before each and every task. As a candidate, you must listen to his instructions very carefully because there is a lot of hidden meaning in them and you need to perform the task as per the instructions only.

The Half Group Task is an important task conducted in the GTO series, in this task, you will get a better chance of showcasing your skills and qualities to the GTO as there will be less number of candidates in your group as compared to PGT, GPE, GD. Before commencing the task, GTO will give briefing which is as follows:

Gentleman, so far you have been working as a group. At times, some of you might have felt that with so many of you working together, you did not have adequate scope to show your best. To give you an opportunity for the same, we have a task called Half Group Task.

As the name suggests, in this task I will divide your group into two sub-groups and each sub-group will be given an obstacle to complete one after the other in a manner that while one sub-group is working, the other will not be allowed to see it. The obstacles will be an obstacle of a PGT. The same rules will apply therefore except the group rule as there is only one obstacle to do.

Each sub-group will get 15 minutes to complete the task.

How is the group divided?

As the GTO has already seen your performance prior to this task he will divide the group in such a way that candidates who didn’t get a chance or didn’t grab a chance to showcase their skills in the previous tasks will get a chance here as the group size will be smaller. The GTO will divide the group on his whim and fancies and once such way is making subgroup with even and odd-numbered candidates.

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