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Is it necessary to speak in English in SSB?

Many candidates who are not good in speaking English generally asks this question that is it necessary to speak in English in SSB Interviews. Today we will discuss this question at length.

In short, the simple answer is “NO”, it is not necessary to speak in English in SSB Interview. If you are not comfortable in English you can answer in Hindi, even you can use Hindi to write the responses in Psychological tests.

The officers during SSB Interview will themselves give instructions that you can use either Hindi or English or combination of both. Service Selection Boards are not interested in the beauty of expression they are interested in knowing what your thinking is and you can express your thinking better only in the language in which you are comfortable.

Is there any advantage of speaking in English?

No, there is no such advantage. What the SSB Boards want to see is your potential to be a good army officer, English is something that you can learn in one month if you are put in an environment with many people speaking English.

If you have studied with English Medium

If a candidate has studied in English medium then he/she is expected to be well in English. If you are one of them who have studied from English Medium but unable to speak English then nothing to worry about. You can also speak in Hindi but its better start practicing to speak English fluently rather than giving an excuse.

Should I Start practice speaking English?

Of course, yes, you should do it right now. Maybe you have studied from Hindi medium and not good in English but you are trying to overcome that, this will create a good impression on the Interviewing officer that you are aware of your weakness and working on it to overcome that.

How to practice speaking in English

  1. One thing you can do to improve your English speaking skills is that take a mirror and speak English in front of the mirror.

  2. You can start speaking in English with your friends.
  3. Make a habit of reading English newspaper daily.

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