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Do you want to ask me anything?

Generally, at the end of an Interview a sensible interviewer will give you a chance to ask anything from him. He has asked many questions from you and has got enough information about you, now it’s your time to know a little bit about him or ask anything that is bothering you. But the problem is should One ask any question to the Interviewer.

So, friends today we will discuss this question, please understand we are not forcing our mentality here, it’s just a discussion if you have any suggestion or different point of view then please write in the box below.

What does the Interviewer want to know by asking this question?

This will give information about your thinking and analytical abilities. If the interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask anything then ask any sensible question only. Don’t ask how my performance was or I am selected or not. Your result will be declared later you will get to know about your performance in the Interview.

By this question, the interviewer will get to know your intellectual level because by the level of your question one can easily judge how deep you think.

What to say or ask then?

If the interviewer gives you an opportunity to ask anything and you really don’t have anything to ask then you can say

Thank you, Sir/Ma’am, for giving me this opportunity but I don’t have any question to ask.

Please Note

Maybe during the Interview, there would be a heated argument because of a different point of view between you and the Interviewer. Don’t start that discussion again by asking or giving clarification regarding that topic.

What kind of questions should one ask?

Here your common sense and analytic ability will be put to work. But don’t ask for the sake of showing your intelligence.

If you are in an Interview for Job in a company and you seriously want to ask then you can ask about the Company. But for this, you have to do some homework. You can’t ask to know more about his company. However, a sensible and intelligent question would be something like this.

I see ABC Company has outperformed many other companies in software field and the growth was approx 60% but when we talk about the hardware the results are not very gladdening. What do you think we can do in this field to improve the situation?

 From this question, you leave an impression that you are really serious to work for this company.

Friends, I totally agree not everywhere you can ask this question, that’s why I already said you have to do some Homework.

Can you ask about salary or leave entitlement?

If you have a dying need for a job then, of course, don’t ask this but if you are well settled and already working then you can ask about salary. Asking about leave entitlement is not suggested. In most cases, details about salary will be mentioned in the advertisement but if it is not mentioned then you may ask here. However, a better way of asking this would be

What kind of roles and responsibility I will be handling in this company and how much remuneration will be paid to me.

If you want to ask you can ask about Extracurricular Activities, whether there will be any extracurricular activities conducted by the company or not.

Some candidates ask the interviewer please tell me what shortcomings I have and how can I overcome those shortcomings. Friends may be genuinely you want to know your shortcomings but the interviewer is not sitting for that. You have to analyze your performance and find out your shortcomings.

If you have any different point of view or any suggestion to make then please write below.


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