How to control your nerves during the SSB Interview?

Compatriots, there is no dissent about the fact that SSB is a game of nerves. You are put in a nerve-wracking situation in which you are under tremendous pressure. An officer in the forces must know how to control his nerves and take correct decisions.


In SSB Interview you will be put under pressure and your behavior and problem-solving ability during that pressure will be judged.

Today, we will discuss how to control nerves and emerge victorious under pressure.

1. Do not think about the outcome

We are there for the SSB Interview to give our best. The result is not in our hands. It is difficult to stop thinking about our performance but not impossible. Worrying too much about the outcome will only exacerbate your apprehensions.

2. Come thoroughly prepared

“Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Like any other test, SSB also requires extensive preparation. Coming unprepared will only worsen your chances of selection. It is imperative to be fully prepared to avoid last minute hiccups.

3.When under pressure take a deep breath

Just when your heart is pounding heavily, take a deep breath, relax. Think about the good things that happened in your life. This situation is very common in the candidate’s waiting room before the personal interview.

4. Sleep well

Studies have suggested that sleep deprivation can cause anxiety and may force you to buckle under pressure. Taking a good nap not only makes you feel fresh but also makes you feel confident.

5. Control your emotions

Many a time it has been seen that candidates get carried away and go through an emotional outburst. This is quite commonly seen during group discussions where certain candidates try to overpower the group. G.D is not a debate. Therefore, it is best to be patient and do the job without any hurry.

6. Wear a natural smile

The word natural is very important here. Many of us try to fake a smile in order to look positive and lively. It would be really silly of you to keep smiling while getting reprimanded. So, go for a natural smile that would help you to stay positive and focused.

7. Listen to the instructions properly

Even if you are a repeater, listen to all the instructions carefully. There have been many instances where the candidate did not listen to the instructions carefully and dug his own grave. The best way to avoid hasty actions is to listen to the message carefully and then carry out the task.

8. Be in good company

This elementary school lesson is often neglected in the SSB. Being in the company of positive and confident people will help you drive away your apprehensions. Similarly being with shaky candidates will make you also worry a lot.

9. Indulge in recreational activities

You have plenty of things in the SSB to entertain yourself. One can watch TV, play different games or just go out for a walk to get some fresh air. These activities help you to calm yourself and help you to forget the tests for a while. Too much of studying during the SSB is not advisable.

10. Do not crumble under pressure

SSB testing is all about Performing under pressure. The assessor deliberately creates strenuous situations to check your pressure handling capability. The idea is to keep your focus intact and to the required task. For example, when the GTO repeatedly reminds you of the time limit, he is creating extra pressure to force you to commit any mistake. The key is to not think too much about the time and concentrate on the task.


It is not easy to keep your composure intact during the testing. Make sure not to think too much about your candidature and at the same time enjoy the experience of the SSB interview.

This article is contributed by SSBCRACK for further insights into the SSB Interview testing procedure stay tuned.

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