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Picture Perception Test No.1

Picture Perception Test No.1. This is a sample picture perception test which you must practice on PPDT Sheet. Close this page if you are not ready with your writing material and open this page again with full preparation.

If your Internet connection is slow then do not download or open any other website while doing this test.

Just after few seconds you will see a picture for 30 seconds and thereafter 1 minute will be given to you for writing Action and Marking Characters and thereafter 4 Minutes time will be given to you for writing story.

The test will start at any time from now, So be ready and at the end of the test you will see Time Up message on seeing that you must put your pens down and stop writing.

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  2. Sathyam Rajpal

    It is really helpful,If you can let me know the general answers for these pictures it would be really nice of you.

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