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SSB Interview Dress

Interview is one to one affair between the candidate and the Interviewing officer at Service Selection Boards. You as a individual will be judged by the Interviewing officer (IO). From the time you started understanding things around you, you might have heard the quote “First Impression Is the Last Impression” the same stands true to some extent in SSB Personal Interview.

In order to get this first impression right you have to follow some simple tips. The first thing which IO notices when he sees you is your face and your clothes, you can’t change your face but you certainly can do a lot to improve it. If you have a good sense of dressing then you will easily get this first impression right. You should try your dress on one or two occasions before wearing it for SSB Interview.

Even in your daily life you might have seen that some people with ordinary looks receives special attention due to their Outfits. One thing we wants to make clear here is that your outfit is not the only thing what IO is looking for, the thing what matters is how you are from Inside. But following some standard dress code will surely will work in your favour.

                                                                                                                               Formal Dress

This image is for demonstration. It doesn’t mean you all go and by a dress similar to this one.


You can’t do much about your features of face as they will remain same as God has made them, but you surely can do a lot to improve them. So, before going for your Interview, remove all the oil, dirt and sweat from your face and you must go with a pleasant smile which refreshes the Interviewing officer’s mood.

Hair Cut

As you all are aware about the hair cut of defence personals even there is a style driven from their hair style i.e. army cut. It doesn’t means that you immediately runs to your nearest Jawed Habib’s Parlor, Hair cut is simply means that you must have a suitable hair which suits you face, that your nearby saloon can do it easily for you for some small amount. So, get a proper hair cut before reporting to SSB.


A light coloured shirt with full sleeves will suite to the occasion, here one thing is important is that you must fell comfortable and confident in the clothes which you choose otherwise they are of no worth even if you are giving complexion to Bollywood actors.

Most of the guys prefer a light blue colour and that suits generally every one. So, you can give a thought to it also, you must be careful about whether the shirt is plane or having checks. If you are going for Checks then don’t take shirt with large Checks a shirt with small checks looks nice and make sure you wears a matching pant too.


A dark coloured pant will lighten up your personality, but if you have any other idea you can try it also.

Neck Tie

If you are habitual to wear tie then you can wear a good one suiting your clothes but if you are wearing it just because of SSB then you might feel odd in your interview, but if you wants to do so then get habitual to wear a tie in your daily life occasions.


Wear a normal belt but not those fancy ones which are having a rotating wheel on them, as far as standard belts are concerned they are nowadays out of fashion so you take go for a normal belt which is matching with your shoes colour.


You can take dark coloured socks, which might be similar to your shoes or a little different but not too much like red coloured shocks on black shoes. Your choice must be a mature one.


Wearing shoes of same colour as of your belt will give you a nice look. Make sure that your shoes have lasses and they must be properly polished. If you have purchased new shoes then you must try those shoes well before SSB because shoes have a tendency to loosen up after wearing.

Winter Dress

You can wear a coat or sweater in winter, it will be fine if you wear the sweater inside your Shirt.

Some of you might not have to bother about all the above stuff because many candidates gets their Interview scheduled after GTO tasks and you are allowed to attend the Interview in your GTO dress.

For those who baths in Deodorants, Perfumes and Talc Powder we would like to tell you that IO is not going to get flat on you as he already had a beautiful wife and a lot more girl friends with him or he is not of that kind which you might be thinking him, jokes apart. You can use these items in a proper way and Do not forget to keep a White handkerchief with you.


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  1. if i use a vig for my hair
    does it metter

    • No need to wear any vig be what you are. But even if you want to decide otherwise then make sure your vig doesn’t slips from you head. Vig will not make any difference in your selection or rejection.

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