Word Association Test No.2

Word Association Test  No.2. This is the second model WAT which you must practice by writing your answers, before that you must make yourself familiar with Word Association Test’s instruction and time limit and then proceed to the test.

The Test will start with reverse counting from 3 to 1 and then the first word will come. And at the end, you will see a test over the message which is an indication that total 60 Words are completed.

If you are having slow internet speed, then do not open or download anything while doing this test as the speed will be shared which will affect the timing of words.

Note –  After finishing the test you must cross check your answers with your friends.

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  1. I am quite unable to start the test, do I have to press some key or does it start automatically ?

  2. i dont know how the test will start!! nothing is just happenig, there’s some problem with this buddy

  3. It does not work . How to start the test

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