What is No Shave November?

Every single year by the end of October a trend comes up that is No Shave November, all around the social media we see post of bearded men with hashtags Razors down and No Shave November but most of the people don’t even know what is it where did it came from and is there even a reason behind it and just blindly go with the trend. So, today let’s check out what is No Shave November?

Well we all know that No Shave November has become one of the most known trend in the past few years but it started with a sad story back in 2009 when members of Chicagol and Hill family decided to use this as a means to raise money for charity and this was in remembrance of Matthew Hale the father of 8 Hill children who passed away from colon cancer in 2007 since then it has become a tradition of having this month. What No Shave November aims is to spread cancer awareness and his charity to aid people suffering from it how people can participate is keeping their razors trimmers waxes and everything that people use on grooming down for a month of November and let their hair grow free and donate the money that they would typically spend on grooming for the cause till date no-shave.org has raised over two million dollars for cancer patients and provided aid it has become a global thing but the sad part is most of the people who have no-shave November don’t even know what they are following. it is similar to the ALS ice bucket challenge which was supposed to spread awareness about ALS disease and ended up as a stupid trend where people kept putting icy water on the heads without knowing the reason.

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