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Is coaching necessary for SSB Interview?

Many candidates asks this question that is it necessary to take coaching in order to clear SSB Interview? There can’t be a general answer to this question as it depends on the individual candidate whether coaching is necessary for him/her or not. Let’s discuss various aspects of this question.

What coaching provides to you?

In almost all the Coaching centers for SSB Interview, the faculty is Retired Officers who worked in Service Selection Boards, they have years of experience in conducting SSB Interview. If you consider yourself as a shirt then coaching center would make you ironed shirt. But at the same time that ironed shirt would be noticed by Officers testing your performance during SSB Interview, if they feel that your response is not natural and are only based on the inputs given by coaching center then your chances of selection reduces drastically. There is no problem in taking coaching but the coaching must leave a positive impact on you and you must be modified to the core of your heart not just for getting a well-respected defence job.

Sometimes candidate possesses the qualities of getting selected in Army but due to lack of proper knowledge of how to express himself doesn’t get selected. In such cases coaching center really help in getting selected.

One of the cons of coaching is that sometimes by your performance you sound like overcooked i.e. you are exceptional and in Army, they don’t want exceptional persons they want Average Person performing exceptionally when the situation demands.

What if you go without coaching?

Trust me, friends, a lot of candidates selected are those who did not take any coaching. What the assessors want to see is your natural response and if that response is in accordance with the parameters for selecting you then you will surely be selected. Before taking coaching you must ask yourself why you need coaching? For answering that question you need to know the complete procedure of SSB Interview and for that, you can use our website SSBGuru.com and also various good resources are available on the internet to know each and every test conducted at the SSB Interview.

After knowing the procedure and tests then decide do you still need coaching to clear these tests? Friends, coaching center will not be giving you any magic syrup that you take and clear SSB interview. What coaching center will provide you is an environment similar to SSB Interview. If you are a shy person and somewhat introvert then you should go for coaching because it will make you familiar with the process and make you comfortable in tasks such as Lecturette and Group Discussion.

No matter how good you are individual, for getting selected in SSB Interview you must also be good in working with a group.

Whether you have taken coaching or not if you have Leadership, Intelligence, and Good Social Behavior then you are a good prospect for getting selected. These are the qualities that no coaching center can impart upon you.

Best coaching center for SSB Interview?

Friends, we provide guidance to candidates through our website SSBGuru.com only, we don’t have any physical coaching center. To know about the best coaching center you need to yourself determine. For doing so you can take help of your friends, reading reviews on the internet, or taking any trial class.

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